The winners of our final round of Christmas kisses

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 7, 2010

We asked you who you thought deserved a Christmas kiss and why – and the response has been overwhelming.

The competition has now ended and you can see all the winning entries below. Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

You can view all the entries over at the Christmas kiss competition post.

We had so many lovely responses and some were even quite sad – we wish we could give everyone a Christmas kiss, but we’ve had to pick five winners for this week.

And the winners are…

Round three winners

Ruth Ellis

My Dad! He has been an absolute hero helping me out with my new baby girl, who is now almost five months old. He often spends two hours on the bus to come to Edinburgh to see us, takes her out for walks in the buggy so I can get some extra sleep, cooks lunch, cleans the bathroom, removes spiders, washes dishes, cleans the cooker, takes her for another walk, then spends another two hours on the bus home again. It has been soooooooo helpful and he definitely deserves a huge kiss to say thank you.


My sister fell on the ice last week when doing some shopping for an elderly neighbour and broke her two front teeth – ouch! But she never lets anything get her down. She’s making a joke of it this week by singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!” She’s a real trouper and definitely deserves a big Christmas kiss. Mwaaahhh! Love ya little sis xx

Hannah Evans

My 101 year old nan please! I think everyone deserves a kiss on their 101st Christmas!!

Mandy Charlton

I think I deserve the first festive kiss for working so hard photographing other people kissing, this year I’ve shot 22 weddings and 79 portrait sessions, I’ve worked so hard celebrating love and watching people kiss that I think it’s my turn for a snog!!

Johanna Martin

You see Christmas is his busiest time,
for going out to work,
He has to travel day and night,
It drives me quite berserk
No,No,he isn`t santa,
He drives a taxi not a sleigh,
And it`s tipsy people -not presents- he delivers,
Safely to homes every day,
But he is still my hero,
Who deserves a christmas kiss,
I can`t give him the Christmas off,
Please let me give him this!

Round two winners


My daughter Donna as her 6 year old son is going through an ‘urghh, I hate kisses’ phase after always having been so affectionate and she really misses this. I’m sure the phase will soon pass but a Christmas kiss would definitely cheer her up in the meantime.

Jimbo the Guinea Pig

My pig slave deserves a big kiss because she loves me and looks after me and all my friends. She puts up with me kicking sawdust all over her carpet after she has vacuumed, she doesn’t mind me pulling ornaments off the Christmas tree and she doesn’t even complain when I shriek my fool head off when the fridge opens.

Sometimes I give her a kiss, but it’s more fun to chew her hair. I’d get her a rose from the garden but I’m not allowed out there unsupervised since the Strawberry Plant Incident. Which wasn’t me, no matter how much she says it was.

Julie Wood

Oh please please, please give my Hubby a kiss
A Christmas one only, for that would be bliss
you see, he is the thorn in my side – the pain in my neck
he snores like crazy… sleep deprived, I’m a wreck
but he’s the only one I’ve got, in fact the only one for me
and he has given me 4 children (no more I shout and plea)
and I love him now even more than in the start
so send him my kisses, my Hubby – the old fart.

Pamela Hambly

My neighbour Jean deserves a Christmas kiss. She’s a pensioner herself but she does the shopping for all the elderly neighbours and picks up a newspaper for them every morning and takes it to them. Nothing is ever too much trouble, she’s such a kind person with a big heart.

Susan Hall

My Friend Shay deserves a Christmas kiss as she has worked so hard this year getting a new charity off the ground to support a school in Uganda and she has heard last week she can now apply for charity status. I am so proud of her and love her to bits

Round one winners

Jane Gore

My Gran, 93, has rekindled a flame with an old school sweetheart who is 94. The snow is keeping them apart. Lets hope it melts in time for Christmas.


My elderly neighbour Roly, who has gone to huge trouble to find the right cake tin and ingredients to bake me and my four under five girls (including twins 11 months!) a massive Christmas cake using a much loved family recipe.


My husband Jim deserves a big kiss because even though he works hard from home and doesn’t need to brave the elements, he’s been out every morning before 8am clearing the snow off our street so our neighbours can get out to work.

He’s so kind and it’s lovely to see everyone join in. There’s a real community spirit that you don’t often see because everyone is so busy.

Jo Bryan

Actually Interflora deserve a kiss for being there on so many special days for so many people delivering tokens of love and cheering people up daily.

(Because it wouldn’t be right to send ourselves a kiss, we are going to send Jo one for her kind words.)


My guinea pig Rudolph deserves a Christmas kiss. He is 8 years old (amazing for guinea pigs whose average life expectancy is 5.) I took him in at Christmas 4 years ago when his owner decided her kids had learned enough responsibility to have a puppy for Christmas. He suffered from vitamin C deficiency due to an inadequate diet and his poor little nose was hairless and pink – hence his name.

I began feeding him an appropriate diet and a vitamin C supplement and he was back to healthy in no time. He is an amazingly personable little chap and loves nothing more than to be tickled and kissed on his nose. I know he isn’t going to be around for ever, so this Christmas will be extra special for him. He is hoping for a Christmas pudding furry “igloo” from Santa Paws but he will also be getting as many Christmas kisses as I can give him.

Congratulations to each of you and thanks to everyone who has already entered. You can keep entering for the next two weeks here.

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Charlotte Barnes

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georgia horwell 07 Dec 2010 at 10:23 pm

I think my mum deserves a christmas kiss because she is ALWAYS there for me and is so loving and caring! I think she is absolutely amazing because she puts up with my Dad and she always says he’s like having another kid in the family!!

Jill 08 Dec 2010 at 11:11 am

I would like to nominate my partner Mark for looking after me (Jill), the twins (Sophie & Scott) and his dad (Cliff). xx

Nicky Russell 09 Dec 2010 at 11:38 am

My Mum in Law, who has been running herself ragged these past few weeks, running errands for elderly friends and relatives who cant get out due to the Snow… It tickles me pink tho, when she refers to them as her old biddies !! – She s 76 herself !!

Sarah Jay 13 Dec 2010 at 6:10 pm

I think me and my boyfriend deserve a Xmas kiss as this xmas will be our first kiss under the mistletoe and hope there’s many more to come 🙂 @misssarahjay

Sharon Clarke 13 Dec 2010 at 6:16 pm

My daughter Rebecca deserves a Christmas Kiss, she’s autistic but has made me so proud over the years with all she has achieved despite being virtually written off, it just shows that you should never give up, can’t believe she is going to be 18 though, where have all those years gone?

dave 17 Dec 2010 at 7:51 pm

I am blowing you all a kiss now .. it would be really nice if you would send one back to me though! Happy Christmas!

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