Wedding flowers through the years

by Charlotte.Barnes on June 1, 2012

Flowers have played a large role in weddings for centuries and are considered one of the most important ingredients of the big day. According to, flowers have been used in wedding ceremonies as far back as Ancient Greece. Weddings bouquets in particular have seen a number of trends come and go over the years and often reflect the attitudes of the times.



In the 1950s big was definitely beautiful, with large bouquets packed full of flowers. Bridal bouquets in particular followed this theme and included trailing tendrils or hanging petals as a train. Post-war, and due to the speed of shipping in those days, most bouquets were made using seasonal flowers, moulding the trends to fit what was available.


The 1960s saw bouquet styles shrink and two distinct trends emerge; either small and elegant or wild and unpolished. Those still holding on to styles of the past decade preferred the neat, trimmed look, while those embracing the flower power generation went with more natural looking arrangements.


The 70s was the psychedelic era and everything was bright, loud and dazzling.  Contrasting colours were all the rage during this decade and wedding bouquets would often  contain two or three vibrant shades of flowers. Stylised patterns were also popular and so the flowers within the arrangements would usually be set in a specific way.


This decade saw the marriage of Princes Charles and Lady Diana and her large white, cascading bouquet inspired a generation of brides. Big styles with single, simple colours, such as white or cream became the norm for weddings and special occasions. The designs also hinted back to the 1950s styles, thanks to the addition of long trailing flowers and petals to the bouquets.


In the 1990s, bouquets and arrangements shrank in size dramatically and the style moved towards neat and chic. Muted tones of pastel colours and jewellery accessories interspersed with the flowers gave this decade an elegant and sophisticated look. It became more popular as the minimalist trend became more common in interior design and fashion.


In recent years, the expansion of the internet has led to a boom in alternative styles and trends for flowers. Inspired by designs from across the world and due to faster transportation links, bouquets in this decade were able to use flowers that were out of season in one country but growing in another. In particular, bridal bouquets became more varied, with tropical, Mediterranean and American flowers and plants used more and more.

Bird of paradise flowers

Have you been inspired by the past when choosing your bouquets and arrangements? Whether it was for a wedding, birthday or anniversary surprise, let us know!

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