Wedding Anniversary Flowers

by Charlotte.Barnes on February 13, 2013

Wedding anniversary flowersAre you finding it difficult to come up with something romantic for your aluminium or steel wedding anniversary? Why not say it with flowers instead with our handy floral anniversary list?

The origins of the tradition of giving gifts on a wedding anniversary is widely debated, with some believing it was started by the Romans, while others attribute the custom to the Victorians. What we do know is that in 1937, a jeweller’s association saw an opportunity for increasing sales by promoting each and every wedding anniversary.  They came up a modern list of annual gifts for 75 years’ worth of marriage and picked out practical, easy-to-find gifts for each milestone.

Flowers have also become associated with wedding anniversary celebrations and you can now find lists dedicating a particular flower to a certain date. Here at Interflora, we’ve put together a handy reference guide to give you a head start when it comes to find the perfect gift for a loved one:

Wedding anniversaries

1st – Paper
Try: ‘Paper Flower’ is another name for Bougainvillea.

Wedding anniversary flowers

2nd – Cotton 
Try: Hibiscus is sometimes called the Cotton Rose while Gossypium is known as Ornamental Cotton.

3rd – Leather
Try: Leatherleaf is widely available and makes the ideal collar for a mixed bouquet of wedding anniversary flowers

4th – Fruit
Try: Anything goes here. How about a fruit basket delivered to their door?

5th – Wood
Try: There are lots of choices here – from decorative wooden ornaments to flowers placed in wooden vases

Wedding anniversary flowers

6th – Iron
Try: Aspidistra is known as the Cast Iron plant, or choose Begonia Masoniana – also known as Iron Cross.

7th – Wool
Try: The Cock’s Comb is also known as the Wool Flower due to its fluffy appearance

8th – Bronze
Try: Several varieties of Rex Begonia have beautiful bronzed leaves.

9th – Pottery
Try: White Wedgwood Iris fits the bill, as does Hyacinth Delft Blue.

10th – Tin or Aluminium
Try: Pilea is commonly called the aluminium plant.

11th – Steel 
Try: Steel Grass is a stylish addition to any arrangement.

Wedding anniversary flowers

12th – Silk
Try: Grevillea or Silk Oak is a dainty fern-like plant.

13th – Lace
Ammi is commonly known as called Queen Anne’s Lace, while Pteris is also known as the Lace Fern.

14th – Ivory
Try: The Correa plant is also known as Ivory Bells, or you could choose ivory-coloured roses instead

Wedding anniversary flowers

15th – Crystal 
Try: Zantedeschia Crystal Blush is a very pretty variety of calla lily.

20th – China
Try: There’s lots to choose from – in particular go for a beautiful China Pink, also known as Dianthus chinensis

25th – Silver
Try: Silver Vine is the common name for Scindapsus Pictus.

30th – Pearl
Try: Choose Anigozanthos Mini Pearl, a pale pink Kangaroo Paw.

35th – Coral or Jade
Try: Coral Bells (Heuchera) are a wonderful choice, or try the Jade Flower which has some truly eye-catching colours

Wedding anniversary flowers

40th – Ruby
Try: The aptly named Setaria Red Jewel.

45th – Sapphire
Try: Sapphire Flower, or Browallia, is a great option.

50th – Gold
Try: Zantedeschia Florex Gold is pure deep yellow. Or what about the Narcissi Soleil d’Or meaning ‘Gold Sun’

55th – Emerald
Try: The Emerald Fern, otherwise known as Asparagus Densiflorus, comes as both an indoor plant and cut foliage.

60th – Diamond 
Try: Choose from iris Blue Diamond – a rich navy colour, the alstroemeria Diamond – a pretty white flower, or a light pink West Diamond carnation.

Wedding anniversary flowers

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Floral Bow 27 Jun 2013 at 7:15 am

Thanks Charlotte, Love these Post….!!!
Wedding anniversaries really are a time associated with celebration. Flowers are one of the best gifts which make people happier and make the day very special.

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