Valentine’s Day on a Budget

by Charlotte.Barnes on February 10, 2012

Love it or loathe it, St Valentine’s Day is an annual tradition that you can’t escape. For some it’s a chance to spoil their loved one, make them feel special, and remind them they’re gorgeous. For others it’s nothing more than another marketing scam to get you to spend your money.

No matter what your feelings are about Valentine’s Day, or your other half’s, one thing is an elemental truth: Forget it at your peril!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost an absolute fortune though. Skywriting one of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, having a dozen roses of every colour delivered by swans dyed the same shades, and getting Andrea Bocelli to sing your beau’s favourite love song may all be wonderful declarations of love, but you’ll need a credit card with a Premiership footballers spending limit to afford them.

Gifts don’t need to be expensive – they say it’s the thought that counts, so time to prove the theory with our guide to an inexpensive St Valentine’s Day. Love is cheap!

Buy chocolates at Christmas

In the run up to Christmas there are always loads of boxes of chocolates on offer. In the run up to Valentine’s Day they’re expensive. So buy your chocolates early. Just check the ‘best before’ date because no-one likes gone-off chocolates.

Eat at home

A romantic meal for two should be just you and your partner, quiet conversation over a candlelit meal and much meaningful eye contact. There shouldn’t be other couples knocking your elbows as they eat and waiters zipping you through your overpriced set meal to get another sitting in. So ditch the restaurant and eat at home.

If you’re a first class chef that’s great but ask yourself this: do you want to spend most of your romantic evening in the kitchen instead of in the company of your other half? Several supermarkets do meals for two for £10, and they’re pretty good. Even if the offer doesn’t contain quite what you want you could use it as the basis of your romantic meal. Don’t overdo it though – no one feels romantic when they’re stuffed with food.

Turn off the power

Candlelight is romantic right? So why not save a little cash by switching off all the lights and turning your home into a candlelit cave of lurrrve.

You could save even more gas or electricity by turning down the thermostat a little so that you and your loved one snuggle up for warmth.

Notes of love

St. Valentine’s Day is about showing how much you love your partner, which means telling them as well as buying trinkets and tokens. One way you could do this is to leave little love notes everywhere for them to find. Slip them into coat pockets, stuck to the box of breakfast cereal, on the bathroom mirror, wherever they’re likely to find them, but not necessarily find them straight away. Be inventive.

If you need a little hand with inventiveness, Innocent Smoothies have a Valentine label maker on their website where you can make and print a smoothie label and stick it to the bottle for your other half.

Or you could take your inspiration from Loveheart sweets and hide them everywhere.

Bring back the mix tape

Perhaps this is one for the reader over thirty, but back when tapes were still used, a simple romantic gesture made by a teenager was to trawl through their CD and tape collection, find songs that ‘meant something’ and copy them onto a tape as a personal gift. Tapes aren’t used now so maybe a personal playlist? Somehow it doesn’t seem quite the same though.

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Leyton Jay 13 Feb 2012 at 2:43 pm

Girls love candles, there’s something special and homely about candle-light. Cavewomen must’ve loved it!

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