Top 10 Wedding Proposals on YouTube

by Charlotte.Barnes on February 8, 2013

Wedding proposalsThanks to modern technology, every phone, camera, tablet and computer has the ability to record video, giving rise to one of the fast growing internet phenomenon ever – the viral video!

From cats playing keyboards to celebrity faux pas – there is nothing that can’t be recorded, edited and popped on the internet in a flash. The latest craze is to pop that all important question – the marriage proposal – in a variety of unusual and unique ways. Here are some of our favourites from the world of YouTube:

Surprise Flower Proposal

Organised like a military operation, this shows the great lengths a young man went to in order to propose to his girlfriend. While out walking his soon-to-be-fiancée is inundating by strangers handing her flowers. A long video but worth the wait for her reaction at the end.

Lip Sync Wedding Proposal

If you think the last chap put a lot of effort into his proposal, check out this one! Beautifully choreographed using all of his friends and family, this funny and unique video is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

We Always Knew

This is one of those proposals where the lucky recipient doesn’t have a clue until the last minute and her reaction is wonderful. Planned by her partner to mark the end of a fantastic trip together, this video really will warm every inch of your heart.

Fake Trailer proposal

It is clear from the start that a lot of hard work went into creating this amazing ‘trailer’ and it certainly pays off. Shown in a live cinema, the video shows the intended girl’s reaction as the proposal plays out on the big screen.

Musical-style proposal

This video is from a reality TV show in America; complete with hidden cameras and a staged ‘other woman’ interrupting a romantic dinner. Keep watching for an amazing transition into a full-on musical proposal including dancers, singers and live music. And it doesn’t end there – keep watching for an amazing twist once she says ‘yes’.

Flash Mob

This style of marriage proposal seemed to be all the rage last year but no matter how many we watch, we can’t get enough of spontaneous dancing and singing. The gathering crowds add an extra special touch to this video and it is clear that everyone involved is having the time of their life.

The 19:57 from Euston

The flash mob-style musical proposal done only as the Brits could do – on a packed Tube train! A young woman is surprised by her would-be finance and a group of harmonious singers belting out an acapella version of Lovely Day by Bill Withers.

Rooftop proposal

One of our personal favourites – this professional looking video features an original song and some wonderfully cute props.  Shot entirely on a mobile phone, this goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to make an honest and heartfelt proposal.

Aquarium proposal

Simple, effective and wonderfully romantic, this chap proposes to his girlfriend in probably one of the most original ways ever, utilising not only a trainee aquarium employee and a crowd of people, but also two scuba divers. There is also a brilliant moment where it takes her a second to realise who the proposal is for…

Edinburgh Brass Band

The sounds of a brass band can be heard all across the UK, but few of them carry a special message along with their sheet music. Here we have a woman popping the question to her speechless boyfriend thanks to the Edinburgh University Brass Band and some strategically placed t-shirts. You’ll be humming this one for days afterwards!

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