Top 10 Secret Santa Gifts

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 4, 2012

Secret Santa is an age-old tradition that can be found in most offices across the UK around the Christmas period. It is also a favourite of flatmates, friends, students and family reunions as it ensures everyone gets a gift – with the added excitement of it being a complete surprise.

There are a few rules to finding the perfect Secret Santa gift though; first – it is best to set a budget so you don’t end up feeling short changed if you splashed the cash and your colleague did not. Second, the funnier or more unusual it is, the better – no one wants a sensible Secret Santa gift! In order to help you find the best surprise gift to give to someone that won’t burst the budget, we have found the top 10 Secret Santa gifts available online now.

Find Me a Gift – Baffle Handheld Puzzle Game, £4.99

hand held puzzleThis is a proper brain teaser for the clever clogs in your group. Similar to a Rubik’s Cube, this hand-held puzzle features coloured buttons that can slide around and up and down – your goal is to get all of the same colours in one row. Sounds simple? Believe us, it isn’t!

Interflora – 2 for 1 Mum and Daughter Makeover, £20.00

2 for 1 makeover and photo shootA wonderfully thoughtful gift for a loved one, this gift treats you and your mum or daughter to a professional makeover and photo shoot at a number of studios across the UK. You’ll receive all the pampering you’ll need, plus clothing and background choices to make sure your photo session has all the glam and glitz you could ever wish for.

Firebox – Instagram Canvas Prints, £19.99

Canvas printsA personal way to celebrate Christmas with someone, these canvas prints allow you to create your own fantastic artwork. Available in different sizes to suit your budget, these prints let you to unleash your imagination and come up with a gift that your friend or relation will love.

Find Me a Gift – Mini Blackjack, £7.99

Mini Blackjack setIn this gift, your Secret Santa recipient will have everything they need to set up their very own casino! This mini Blackjack set comes with chips, cards, a sweeper and dealing shoe – everything required for a black-tie evening or a friendly game once work has finished for the day!

Interflora – Sweet Memories, £22.99

Retro Sweet hamperInterflora has teamed up with one of the country’s leading sweet makers, Stockleys to bring you this wonderfully retro gift box of sweets. Complete with adorable little jars of your favourite treats, including jelly beans, Dolly Mixtures and fizzy cola bottles, this is a gift that you’ll hope your friend or colleague is going to share.

The Handpicked Collection – Bond Girls Playing Cards, £4.95

James Bond playing cardsWhether or not your recipient is any good at cards doesn’t really matter with these eye-catching Bond Girls playing cards. Adorned with the stylish and iconic girls from the Bond films, you can liven up your games of Snap! or poker with these and just hope that your opponent is distracted enough for you to play a winning hand.

Firebox – Hot-Rox Electronic Hand Warmer, £22.99

Hand warmer giftCold and wet winter weather is expected at this time of year, but your lucky recipient may not be expecting this handy hand-warmer as their Secret Santa gift. Warming up to 44° in around 15 seconds, this is a must-have for anyone who is always grumbling about frozen fingers and chilly offices.

Interflora – Christmas Gift Bag, £22.99

Christmas flowers gift bagYou may not think of flowers as a Secret Santa gift as they can be a little tricky to wrap, but the great thing about Interflora flowers is that you can have them delivered to a chosen destination wherever you need them to be. A lovely festive surprise– this Christmas gift bag will be a great addition to any festive decorations in your recipient’s home or office.

The Handpicked Collection – To Do Mousepad Notepad, £6.95

Mousepad notepadMost schedules and diaries are gadget-based these days, stored in our phones or computers. But those times do arise when technology fails us (snow-related power cuts for example) and we need to go back to basics. That’s where this clever to-do mousepad notepad comes in handy. With 60 sheets in one pad, your work colleague or boss can keep track of all their comings and goings even when they’re working by candlelight.

Find Me a Gift – Eye Test Mug, £3.49

Eye test mugA brilliant choice for flatmates, work mates or a relative with a sense of humour, this Eye Test Mug entices people to come close and try the test for themselves before realising what the message is telling them. Amusing for anyone who likes to add a bit of humour to the workplace and with a really affordable price tag, this is a great choice for work-based Secret Santas.


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