Top 10 Pink Flowers

by Bethany Day on October 8, 2013

In October, we are encouraged to think pink in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So why not brighten someone’s day with a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers?

Throughout October we’ll be donating 20% of the sales of any flowers ordered from to Breast Cancer Care.

Here’s some of our favourite pink blooms to give you inspiration…


Pink gerberas are perhaps one of the brightest and most cheerful pink blooms. They are an increasingly popular choice for wedding bouquets and look stunning with paler pink roses and daisies.


Every shade of rose has a different meaning, with red representing love and congratulations and yellow being symbolic of joy and friendship. Pink roses are given as a sign of appreciation and are considered a symbol of perfect happiness.

pink roses


Pink hydrangeas have a beautiful, vintage quality to them and look particularly lovely arranged in glass bottles and jam jars. The colour of hydrangeas is determined by the soil they grown in, with pink blooms growing where there are high alkaline levels.

Flowering cherry

Flowering cherries, or cherry blossom trees are a stunning addition to any garden and although they are only in bloom for a short period, they are worth the effort it takes to grow them when you first see the pink cloud-like blossoms appearing in spring.


Pink tulips represent caring and affection, so make the perfect gift for a close friend or family member. As well as traditional teacup shaped tulips, you can opt for stunning double bloom tulips or pointed lily-flowered tulips.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas have an intense and unusual fragrance which makes them welcome in most homes. They come in a range of pretty pastel shades, but we’re partial to the pale pink flowers.


Dahlias symbolise dignity and elegance and they are also exceptionally resilient. You’ll often see dahlias brightening up gardens all the way through autumn and until the first frost appears.


If you are looking for a flower with a strong sweet smelling fragrance – look no further than the peony. Like hydrangeas, this lovely flower has an old-fashioned quality and looks great arranged in vintage jugs and vases.

Pink peonies


Giving someone a pink carnation is an age-old way of telling them they are always on your mind. They are traditionally given out as a Mother’s Day gift, but we say why wait for March? Show someone you are thinking about them now.


If you are sick of your garden looking bare in winter and early spring, plant some pink camellias, one of the most popular winter-flowering shrubs. They’ll help brighten up your flower beds when nothing else is blooming.

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