The Best Purple Flowers

by Charlotte.Barnes on February 11, 2010

Purple flowers

Whether it’s for your garden, house or a special occasion, purple can bring an amazing deep touch of colour.

We’ve taken a look around the globe and picked a number of flowers we think really stand out…

The best purple flowers for your garden:

Purple Pansy by Muffet

Purple Pansy

Blossoming in spring and autumn these stunning little flowers are guaranteed to perk up any garden with beautiful natural blues, lavender and purple.

Heliotrope by Just Chaos


This beautiful purple, lilac and white flower blossoms during the summer months and is prized for its sweet vanilla-tinged fragrance.

Purple Speedwell by ms. Tea

Purple Speedwell

Purple speedwells will spike up the colour of your garden all the way through the summer and into autumn with their deep violet blues.

Fan Flower by Bob Richmond

Fan Flower

A vigorous looking little flower that is native to Australia, it develops a beautiful cascade of lavender flowers.

Bee Balm by audreyjm529

Bee Balm

The reddish purple tint of the bee balm flower adds dramatic backing to any garden.

Clematis x Jackmanii by Muffet

Clematis x Jackmanii

This large flowered, vining hybrid Clematis a hardy flower and brings a deep touch of purple to the eye line.

Thyme & Lady’s Mantle by Better Homes and Gardens

Thyme & Ladys Mantle

The waves of yellow and purple provided by these sun-loving perennials create an amazing colourful texture and depth.

Purple Bellflowers by Horia Varlan

Purple Bellflowers

These beautiful, delicate little flowers with their stunning lilac colour add a touch of class to any garden.

The best purple flowers for special occasions:

Purple Roses by Flowery *L*u*z*a*

Purple Rose

Due to breeding technology, purple roses in all shades are available. They look particularly stunning in this violet colour.

Purple Iris by ktylerconk

Purple Iris

This amazingly vibrant flower with it’s amazing contrasting colours and patterns makes a stunning and exotic decoration, present or garden flower.

Hyacinth by cbransto


A more traditional flower but stunning textures, shapes and colours nonetheless and mixes really well with the more exotic pink hyacinths.

Calla Lily by Ani Carrington

Calla Lillies

Delicate colours and beautiful curves and shapes make this beautiful plant perfect for any special occasion.

Some more stunning purple flowers:

Aster by TheEye-LN


Similar to a large daisy these stunning little flowers love the sun and can grow up to 5 inches wide.

Coneflower by cassandrajowett


Stunning pinks and purples with amazing texture and can grow up to 3 feet high.

Passionflower by Bruce Turner


Amazing shapes and forms compliment the stunning colours of this incredibly unusual flower.

Morning Glory by Tony Howell

Morning Glory

The amazingly bright centre of this flower looks to shine against the vivid purple colour.

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Charlotte Barnes

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Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA 30 Mar 2010 at 8:08 pm

I have a couple of purple flower photos on my blog you might like with purple flowers:


solly 22 Dec 2010 at 11:36 pm

hi they are the most flowers i’ve ever seen in my life

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