Survey results: Chocolate tops 2012 quit list (with infographic)

by Charlotte.Barnes on January 18, 2012

More people would like to cut down on or give up chocolate than smoking this year, according to the Interflora New Year’s Resolution Survey.

While nine per cent of people in the survey said that quitting smoking was their New Year’s resolution, more people said they will be cutting out or cutting down on their chocolate intake, with 10 per cent resolving to do so in 2012.

The top resolution for over 700 people who answered the survey was to lose weight, with 47 per cent of respondents making it a resolution in 2012. With Britain in the midst of a double-dip recession, money is at the forefront of many people’s minds and 35 per cent of survey respondents saying they have resolved to save this year.

The London Olympics are fast-approaching and there are signs that the Great British public are getting into the Olympic spirit by resolving to get active and take care of their bodies. Getting fitter was a New Year’s resolution for 43 per cent of people surveyed, while 45 per cent of respondents included healthier eating on their to-do list for 2012.

While many of the resolutions people say they have made appear very healthy and noble – such as the nine per cent of people who are aiming to cut down on or give up drinking alcohol – the survey also revealed much doubt over whether or not resolutions would be kept.

Just 33 per cent of survey respondents said they expected to keep their New Year’s resolution for the whole year, while 56 per cent were unsure and a brazen 11 per cent said plainly that they expected not to keep their resolution throughout 2012.

Those sceptical about their propensity to keep their resolutions may be proven right, if 2011’s statistics are anything to go by. Of the 39 per cent of survey respondents who said they made a resolution in 2011, just five per cent managed to keep theirs for 9-12 months. Over a third of last year’s resolvers lasted less than three months with their New Year aims!

So why were people so bad at keeping their resolutions last year? According to 61 per cent of respondents, a lack of willpower broke their resolve, while 44 per cent of people simply couldn’t resist the voice of that little devil on their shoulder – they said they broke their resolution because of “temptation”.

For a full picture of this year’s resolutions, have a look at our New Year’s Resolution Infographic below (click to expand).

Interflora New Year's Resolutions survey infographic

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