Interflora World Cup is well underway

by Charlotte.Barnes on March 25, 2010


Yesterday was a wet, cold and overcast day in Shanghai, but the weather didn’t detract from the atmosphere at the Interflora World Cup.

All the contestants were busy preparing their booths from 8am until 8pm. Only the competitor and one assistant were allowed to work on the booth.

There was a slight hiccup, with some of the flowers delayed coming into China, but you’ll be happy to know that the representative for Great Britain, Neil Whittaker was unaffected as he sourced his flowers from elsewhere.

Neil WhittakerOur reporter, Dave Clancy, got a chance to ask Neil how he was feeling during a break from his preparations. “It’s a fabulous feeling,” he said, “to be here in Shanghai and to feel the buzz that is going on around us.”

“Until Friday itself comes, I’m quite relaxed and I’m enjoying myself. But once I go into that competition room the focus will be completely different. When you’re actually creating the designs you work at a completely different speed and it becomes hugely thrilling to see your designs come to fruition.”

Neil and Anthony ShanghaiToday Dave will get the chance to talk to Neil further about the competition, as well chatting to his manager, Lynda Owen and his assistant Anthony Williams. Dave also hopes to speak to one of the judges and Interflora’s head of floral gifting Karen Barnes for an insight into the judging process and the contestants.

Dave will also get access to Neil’s booth to view work in progress and will be sending us some pictures. We’ll have all this and more for you later this week.

For more information on Neil and what he is doing as the competition progresses visit his Facebook page.

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