Gerberas: Flower Focus

by Bethany Day on July 12, 2012

Gerberas Daisy FlowersWith its simple daisy shape and bold colour varieties, the gerbera must be one of the trendiest flowers on the market. Loved by photographers and designers alike, the Gerbera image appears on items as diverse as wedding stationery to toilet seats!

Introduced to Britain in the nineteenth century, gerberas are a relatively new addition to the UK’s floristry industry. It’s really only in the past twenty years or so that these flowers have been seen in florist shops. However, despite such a late start, the gerbera’s beautiful simplicity and purity has caught the publics’ eye and this humble flower is now a firm favourite in florist shops up and down the country.

Gerbera flowers

There are over 200 varieties of gerbera, in more or less every colour and shade that you could wish for.  Relatively easy to care for, with a vase life of between 5-10 days, these funky flowers are a great way to brighten up your home.

Here’s our guide to how best to keep them:

  • Once you get your gerberas home, re-cut the stems at a slight angle and place them in clean, fresh, shallow water.
  • Display your gerbera’s in a cool location, away from direct heat; these flowers don’t tend to fair well in hot conditions.
  • Use flower food to prolong the longevity of your gerberas.
  • Gerbera’s are sensitive to bacteria so make sure you regularly change the water.

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