Flickr’s Top 100 Flower Photographs

by Charlotte.Barnes on August 10, 2009

We have been scouring Flickr and have picked what we think are the best 100 flower photographs. There really are some amazing photographers out there, check the images out below and congratulations to everyone that has been featured.

Nature’s Jewels by Vanda’s Pictures
Wonderful crispness of detail and nice colours. 15

There’s Always Someone Who Stands Out From The Crowd… by Phillip Klinger Brilliant composition and colours, great perspective as well. 1 The Little Red Flower by Clopix
Stunning light, colour and clarity. 31 Blue Planet by Darwin Bell
Amazing colours and detail. 23 Phantom of Delight by Sapaho
Really vibrant and intense colours. 4 All The Light I Know… by Sapaho
Beautifully captured, great detail in the centre and lovely composition. 5 Happy Saturday by PhotoKat
Really nice shot with great depth and contrasting colours. 6 Liatris Bears Repeating by Jaki Good
Amazing clarity and colour. 7 Tulipán Tenger by Ginetteria
Almost unbelievable colours. 8 Eternal Seductiveness by CATeyes
Beautiful macro, great composition and lighting. 9 Peony by Bruce Baycroft
Lovely texture and colours. 10 Kaleidoscope by lake.sider
Excellent light and colours creating a superb macro image. 111 HBW! by smgallery
Stunning detail and composition. 121 Tulip Dreams by Anon Nona
Beautiful image with amazing tones and colours. 13 Spring in RGB by Cuellar
Great angle and contrasting colours. 14 Sky-High Tulips by Ginetteria
Great composition, really effective perspective with great light and colours. 16 Waterdrop – Reflection by Andrea@flickr
Amazing reflection, truly stunning picture. 17 Tulip II by Andrea@flickr
Really sharp and detailed image. 18 Untitled by Elusive.
Lovely tones and clarity. 19 Spring Cherries III – Little Starling Photography by Lauri
Really nice colour contrast, well captured. 20 Who’s a Pretty Bird by Bill Adams
Amazingly vivid colours. 21 Untitled by Inge C
Really nice colour combination and great composition. 22 Close Encounters of the… by Meena072404231

\\\*// by @ires
Really vivid colours that contrast well with the background.


Tulpe=Fruhling? by Connie Wischhusen
Stunning texture and amazing composition.


The Wonder of it All by Sapaho
Lovely colours and great detail.


*White* by Coco Tsukihime
Lovely image with really nice detail.


My Sweetheart by Ibnu Yusuf
Great depth and colour, nicely composed.


Smile to the World by ~adettara~
Well captured colours with great composition.


When Beauty is Reflected by *atrium09
Truly stunning image, amazingly crisp with vivid colours and superb detail.


Hydrangea Blue by Tracy783
Lovely textures and soft colouring.


Bee by Shangzheng
Amazing depth and contrasting colours.


A Touch of Colour, I by @ires
Amazing contrast with the fascinating background.


Inner Glow by Bvshort
Lovely delicate colours and superb detail.


Pink Flower by BovDo
Beautiful crisp image, great colours.


Angelic Upstart by Daveoodle
Lovely colours, details and textures.


Sunrise by Daveoodle
Lovely sharpness and great colour contrast with the background.


Curls – Explored by Crafty1tutu (Ann)
Great detail and composition with great subtle colours.


Red Yellow Flowers by Sanmang610
Amazing depth and vibrant colours.


Loads of Gerberas …So Beautiful by Sillysnapper
Truly amazing, bright colours; great composition and light.


Cascading Flowers by MyNameIsMuffin!
Great vivid colours.


Crown of Thorns Cluster Bloom by DrgnMastr
Great flower and lovely colours.


How She LOVED to Dance by Donnacv
Superb lighting, great colours and amazing detail.


Summer Time… by Astrid Photography
Nice colour contrast and lovely lighting.


Two by Two by Domesticated Diva
Really nice contrast with the background and great inner detail.


Purple… by April4cheese
Amazing composition and detail. Lovely soft colours and delicate shadows.


Ruby by Jus’fi
Really nice, crisp and detailed capture with lovely colouring.


Oleander 01 by Tintinian
Lovely soft image, great details, vivid colours, depth and light.


Looking to the Light by ?childofGOD?Beckie ~ OFF
Amazing deep colours and texture.


Lotus Close Up by K. Shreesh
Truly stunning colours and detail.


Here Comes the Sun by @ires
Really nice tones and depth of field.


Plumeria (Frangipani) Apocynaceae by Tuis
Lovely colours and tones with great detail.


Ending Life Daisy by Hachette
Nice perspective and superb light.


Flower Blades by ~Kim’s Picture Gallery~
Divine sharpness and amazing detail.


Yellow Rose by Giabaophuc
Gorgeous tones and texture, nice contrasting colours.


Michigan Lily by Dbaronross
Amazing colour contrast with the background and lovely detail.


Yummy! by ~Kim’s Picture Gallery~
Intense colours and perfect sharpness.


Purple Hyacinths 1 of 2 by DrgnMastr
Lovely soft focus and great depth of colour.


Propeller… by Astrid Photography
Absolutely fantastic details, lovely colours and great composition.


For the Love of a Foxglove by Eyesplash Mikul
Truly wonderful colour contrast and exquisite composition


Dahlia Close by Shinchiro*
Amazing shapes, textures and colours.


Lovely Pink! by Shinchiro*
Really eye catching colours and lovely detail.


Untitled by Jenbeck5
Great depth and detail.


Nelumbium-Heart by Cyberfug
Outstanding macro capture, unparalleled detail, depth and colours.


Strelitzia by CherylV
Really nice and sharp colour contrast.


Strawflower by Shinchiro*
Amazing clarity and lovely composition.


Boke (Not Bokeh) by Nana* (salala817)
Vivid colours and great contrast with the background.


Untitled by Vivienne K
Vibrant colours and great light.


Petal Pusher by Karen from Michigan
Great backdrop further intensifying the colour.


Rudbeckia Hirta, Schwarzäugige Rudbeckie by Lotusfee
Great lighting and detail with wonderful colour and texture.


Bird of Paradise by Dat The Man
Amazing vibrant colours, great composition and contrasting backdrop.


I’m Single – Explore #57 by Kazooze
Gorgeous blues and great clarity.


Explosion Again by hippoPAPA +mum (Bento~Life)
Lovely details and vivid colours.


Hommage à Vincent Van Gogh 1 by Frscspd
Wonderful tones and composition with amazing shapes, depths and colours.


Orchid Triplets by Crafty1tutu (Ann)
Beautiful contrast and detail.


Untitled by °• Boubble
Lovely elegant tones.


Agapanthus by hippoPAPA +mum (Bento~Life)
Excellent composition and depth.


Violet by Rán
Incredible definition and colours.


Explosion by hippoPAPA +mum (Bento~Life)
Dynamic composition and amazing vivid colours.


Honeysuckle/Kamperfoelie by ?Margot?
Great delicate colours, lovely composition and contrast with the background.


Love… by Lotusfee
Delicate yet dynamic colours and brilliantly composed.


Feeling Blue by Inners
Beautiful shapes, colours and tones.


Chive… by Astrid Photography
Superb composition and wonderful depth & detail.


Blue Ray by AlbeJTD
Stunning, deep colours and amazing light.


Rose by ?Dorszi
Wonderful soft tones and great depth.


In Progress by Auntsmack4u
Magnificent colours and great composition.


Purple & Green by Bitters2005
Lovely colours and nice detail.


Emerge from Black by ++Sandra++
Amazing dramtic shot. Great composition and colour contrast with the backdrop.


The Visitor by RCastro
Really nice colours and interesting composition.


ChorusofOrchid by Steven Ford
Beautiful colours and perspective.


The Middle by Annemiel
Wonderful colours and details with a brilliant depth.


Perfection by Jasmic
Amazing coulours, great contrast and wonderful composition.


In Praise of California by Ecstaticist
Great angle and lovely light.


To Dance by Milomingo
Amazing colour tones that stand out even on a crowded background.


Flower at The Lost Gardens of Heligan by Ennor
Superb vibrant colours brought out by the dark background.


Blue Carpet by Philipp Klinger
Beautiful colour tones and brilliant composition.


Unconditional by Sapaho
Lovely deep colour tones and great detail.


Neighbours by Villi.Ingi
Superb detail and great composition.


Brennisóley (Ranunculus acris) by Villi.Ingi
Again, super detail coupled with great composition and amazing colours.


Love Is In The Air by Greekstifado – Yanni
Lovely, delicate tones.


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Charlotte Barnes

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Adam hart 14 Aug 2009 at 12:54 pm

This is a great article Kate 🙂

Loralei Sander 26 Aug 2009 at 10:13 pm


Leslie Nicole 29 Aug 2009 at 1:42 pm

Thanks for those lovely selections! If I might add a shameless plug, based on your selections, I think you might like the photos on my blog. (just getting started – you can expect a lot more)

Kim Monroe 03 Sep 2009 at 5:02 pm

Wow, what an honor. Thank you so much for choosing one of my photos to be among so many beautiful winners! Such a great surprise for me. Thank you so much! Domesticated Diva

Tony 04 Sep 2009 at 8:31 am

Shut up!!!!
You chose one of my iris photos as one of the top 100 on flickr… I’m so blown away

lauri 10 Sep 2009 at 5:19 pm

Thank you for including my flower picture with this group of artists! Flowers are my favorite subject and I’m always looking for new and artistic ways to display them.

jon carroll 25 Feb 2010 at 6:11 am

wow, these are amazing but i think i have one that gets top 30ish.
hope you like my picture too. once again these are just amazing, it really is inspiring me to keep on going. i’m only 14

Arlen 26 Jun 2010 at 9:03 am

Beautiful pics!!! I think it is an art!!!!!! I love all of them!!!!!! What a beauty!!!!!

giorgia 20 Oct 2010 at 11:06 am

awesome! I love these pics and the colours, they make me even more cheerful 🙂
Thanks for sharing

Adwello Strategies 21 Oct 2010 at 2:50 pm

Aren’t they amazing! I always love daffodil and rose pictures but here I think the very first one was the most awesome for me – thanks for sharing, lovely post! 🙂

ranjani sweet 03 Oct 2012 at 7:54 am

really super all flowers are unique their is no words to express this

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