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by Charlotte.Barnes on April 27, 2011

Few events in history inspire such a sense of romance and intrigue as a royal wedding so when news broke of Kate and William’s engagement last year we were thrilled. But speculation soon followed the congratulations, and while bets are being taken on Kate’s chosen wedding dress designer, here at Interflora we are much more interested in what the bride-to-be’s bouquet will look like.

We know that traditionally royal wedding flowers have been white and cream, especially chosen for their beautiful fragrance to evoke lasting memories. Lily of the valley, myrtle, white orchids, freesias, gardenias and primroses have featured in bouquets held by the Queen, Princess Diana and most recently the Duchess of Cornwall. But will Kate be choosing traditional white flowers for her big day or will she opt for something more contemporary? Our expert florist Dennis Van Wonderen shares his thoughts on what Kate’s bouquet could look like.

‘Although Kate is a thoroughly modern woman when it comes to her choice of flowers I think she will want to embrace royal traditions. Myrtle has been used for royal weddings since Queen Victoria’s marriage in 1840 so I’m sure this will feature among Kate’s flowers, along with the traditional lily of the valley and roses favoured by her predecessors. Kate did get engaged in Kenya so I wonder if any of her roses will be Fairtrade, there are certainly some lovely varieties to choose from.”

While Dennis believes white flowers would suit Kate’s effortless style he thinks it would also be nice to see more seasonal flowers incorporated into the royal bouquet.

“‘Kate has an enviable natural style which has really evolved since she first stepped into the spotlight. Simple white flowers will complement her chic, elegant look. However it would be great to see some beautiful spring flowers such as ranunculus, tulips and muscari included in her bouquet as well. Choosing seasonal flowers can also help to keep costs down.’

Just because royal protocol demands a traditional wedding does not mean Kate won’t be able to put a contemporary twist on the classic royal bouquet.

‘Kate can still give traditional flowers an updated look by asking her florist to use modern floristry techniques. For example grouping flower types together will give a bouquet clear lines and a thoroughly modern edge. Using wire detail, weaving and plaiting flowers is also very much on trend at the moment.’

As far as the style and shape of the bouquet are concerned, Dennis agrees that Kate’s dress will be the biggest influence.

‘The style and fabric of the wedding dress is an important factor when deciding what shape bouquet to go for. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see Kate carry a traditional shower bouquet. This design has been used throughout the centuries in royal weddings and is making a bit of a come back with modern brides.’

One thing is for sure, Kate’s bouquet is sure to set a trend for all would-be brides across the country. Dennis tells us ‘Whatever she chooses Kate’s bouquet will be iconic, just as Princess Diana’s was after her wedding. Wedding flowers are like haircut styles, once a celebrity sets the latest trend everyone wants to follow suit.’

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