Top 10 bizarre yet brilliant flowers

by Charlotte.Barnes on August 3, 2012

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colours and some are more well-known than others. Roses, lilies and carnations are popular choices when choosing fresh flowers for your home or a loved one, but how about trying something a bit different?

We’ve put together our top ten favourite bizarre yet brilliant flowers, ranging from the exotic to the downright weird! Read more >>


Top 10 Green Flowers

by Charlotte.Barnes on July 20, 2012

A single green orchidGreen flowers symbolise nature, life and rejuvenation as well as youth and good fortune in some parts of the world. Though often overlooked when it comes to popular colour choices for bouquets, green flowers can really make a striking arrangement that is perfect for any occasion.

Here, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 green flowers. Read more >>


St Georges Day: history of the red rose

by Charlotte.Barnes on April 20, 2012

With St. George’s Day a few days away we thought we’d take a look at England’s flower; the red rose. Evidence would suggest that the red rose is 35 million years old. It’s also been popular in myth and legend throughout the years, as well as playing a big part in romantic culture. Here are some of the highlights from the history of this iconic flower. Read more >>


Interflora’s new animal print roses are the height of fashion

by Charlotte.Barnes on April 1, 2012

Interflora Tiger RoseInspired by the Tiger Lily, scientists at the Interflora laboratory have created two animal-inspired blooms – the Tiger Rose and the Leopard Rose.

These distinctive flowers have been eight years in the making and are the perfect gift for animal lovers and fashionistas alike.

The development of the Tiger and Leopard Roses has been a painstaking job, with scientists cleverly mixing highly complex DNA samples to create the distinctive animal print patterns. Read more >>


Wedding flowers: Trends for 2012

by Charlotte.Barnes on March 26, 2012

beach-wedding-flowersWhen it comes to special days, there are few dates that are as important and memorable as your wedding day. We know that every single detail of this special occasion is carefully thought out; from the dress and venue, to the photographer and the flowers. Plus, every one of these things must tie in with your chosen theme, which makes the whole process even more delicate. With Interflora’s Head of Floral Gifting Karen Barnes’ guide to wedding trends in 2012, you’ll find that organising your wedding flowers is one less thing to worry about. Read more >>

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WIN a Rainbow Roses bouquet – New from Interflora

by Charlotte.Barnes on March 23, 2012

We’ve recently launched a gorgeous bouquet of rather unusual roses and we’re giving you the chance to win a vase full of them!

The Rainbow Roses Vase contains 12 roses with petals of yellow, blue, green, purple and pink. It’s the perfect gift for any celebration, but we’d love to know who you’d give this bouquet to. Read more >>


Send your BFF a rose on Valentine’s Day

by Charlotte.Barnes on February 11, 2012

If you’re single, Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity to go out with your closest friends and enjoy their company. But being single doesn’t mean you can’t join in the Valentine’s festivities.

Why not exchange one beautiful red rose with your BFF as a lasting symbol of friendship. It’s a beautiful gesture, especially if neither of you will be giving or receiving gifts otherwise. Read more >>


Top Ten luxury Valentines Day gifts

by Charlotte.Barnes on February 8, 2012

woman with rosesFinding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is a task that many of us dread every year. While a gift of Valentine’s Day flowers is always a wonderful idea, we know you also need a little extra something to make your loved one’s heart race. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite luxury Valentine’s Day gifts, as well as a few fun heart-shaped ones, to make your Valentine’s Day gift shopping run as smoothly as possible. Read more >>

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WIN the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift worth £1,000

by Charlotte.Barnes on January 27, 2012

Here at Interflora we are true romantics and we understand what a special day Valentine’s can be. That’s why we wanted to create the most spectacular of prizes.

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift consists of TEN Valentine’s gifts including flowers, food and drink, worth over £1,000!. Imagine how your loved one will feel when they wake up to a house filled with 5 different rose bouquets and other beautiful gifts for her. You could then present your partner with our Breakfast Tray in bed and maybe indulge in a little Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne. Read more >>


Floral teas and alcoholic drinks: our Top 10

by Charlotte.Barnes on January 6, 2012

Everyone enjoys a drink or two on a special occasion in order to toast a loved one or celebrate an achievement. With the same selections of wines, beers and spirits on the supermarket shelves, you may be searching for something a little different for this year’s important occasions. At Interflora, we’ve decided to combine our interest in favourite tipples across the globe with our love for flowers and hereby present our top ten guide to the most unusual drinks –
all of which are made primarily from flowers! Read more >>