10 Reasons Why Grandparents are Cool

by Charlotte.Barnes on September 24, 2012

Grandad and grandsonThis year, Grandparents’ Day falls on Sunday 7th October and, since its introduction in 1990, the occasion has grown in popularity with UK families. Originating in West Virginia, USA, Grandparents’ Day was founded in recognition of all the hard work that grandparents do for their loved ones throughout the year.

Grandparents are taking a more hands-on role in shaping future generations by helping out with childcare and support on a regular basis. Below are just a few of the reasons why your grandparents deserve a treat on their own special holiday.

  • If your mum or dad is a great cook, chances are they learn it from their parents so remember to ask your grandparents about any tasty recipes they might have stashed away
  • Studies have shown that 68% of grandparents think that caring for their grandchildren has brought them close to their adult children.
  • Children who are regularly see their grandparents have shown to develop better emotional and social skills
  • Grandparents provide an amazing £33 billion worth of day care for free!
  • 33% of grandparents share their hobbies with their grandchildren
  • 6% of UK grandparents have now started their own blogs online!
  • Around the world, grandparents spend an incredible $52 billion on their grandchildren every year
  • 68% of grandparents believe that taking care of their grandchildren has brought them closer to their grown-up children as a result.
  • With the recent economic times, the austerity tips and advice that have been passed down from our grandparents has shown modern families how to save money
  • 9 in 10 grandparents regularly use email and 12% of those also use Facebook – so be careful which pictures you choose to share online!


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