‘Wi-Fi killed off our cress seeds’

by Julia Bradley on January 3, 2014

Exposure to Wi-Fi radiation may damage the health of plants, the findings of an experiment carried out by a team of Danish schoolgirls suggest.

The students, whose findings have prompted a debate on the issue in Denmark, conducted their research after finding their concentration levels in the classroom seemed lower after sleeping next to their mobile phones at night.

The girls from Hjallerup School put six trays of planted cress seeds next to a pair of Wi-Fi routers for 12 days and another half-dozen in a room free of radiation for the same length of time.

The seeds put near the routers either failed to grow or turned brown and died off, but those away from the Wi-Fi blossomed into healthy plants, the students found.

The girls’ biology teacher, Kim Horsevad, who is also a professor of neuroscience at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, said: “This has sparked quite a lively debate in Denmark regarding the potential adverse health effects from mobile phones and Wi-Fi equipment.”

Ms Horsevad is now looking into repeating the experiment in a controlled scientific environment.

A previous study in the Netherlands found trees exposed to wireless radio signals suffered with dying leaves and damaged bark.

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Wayne Bowman 06 Jan 2014 at 8:11 am

We actually have our WiFi routers on timer switches, as we found that we have less disturbed sleep if they are turned off.

I worked as an electronics engineer in the EM and RF shielding business, and there may be something in it.

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