Our guide to wedding anniversary gifts

by Charlotte.Barnes on July 30, 2010

Champagne flutesGetting gifts for loved ones on their wedding anniversary can be difficult – it can be really hard thinking of something different that they won’t already have received.

We’ve put together some ideas that may help…

First wedding anniversary

iStock_000005174903XSmallFor the first wedding anniversary the gift is traditionally paper. If the couple are having a party then a nice guestbook would be a great choice as guests write messages in it during the event. For something more personal then maybe a leather journal in which the couple can begin to document their lives together.

The traditional flower gift for the first wedding anniversary is a carnation, so a bunch of these colourful flowers would make a great addition to any present.

Fifth wedding anniversary

iStock_000009471520XSmallThe fifth wedding anniversary traditionally calls for a wooden gift. A lovely idea would be to plant a tree in the couple’s name. Not only are you giving them a unique gift, but you are also doing something to help the environment. The couple would get a certificate to let them know that they’ve had a tree planted for them.

Traditionally daisies are given on the fifth wedding anniversary.

10th wedding anniversary

springOn the 10th wedding anniversary a gift of tin is usually given. There are loads of gifts made from tin available from jewellery to home wares. A unique gift, which would satisfy the toy lover in us all, would be a retro tin toy. Maybe a wind-up tin robot or spinning top.

For the 10th anniversary daffodils are usually given.

20th wedding anniversary


On the 20th wedding anniversary china is the traditional gift. The ideas here are quite obv

ious – new plates, a fancy vase or a mug with a funny saying on it. For a unique twist on this, look for antique china that could be worth something in the future.

If you are looking to do something extravagant then a trip to China would put a lovely modern spin on the old tradition.

As for flowers, asters are given on the 20th anniversary.

25th wedding anniversary

Siberian IrisThe 25th year of marriage is the silver anniversary. Once again gifts are pretty straightforward. Silver jewellery or home wares are popular choices. For a personal touch buy something silver and have it engraved to commemorate the couple’s 25 years together.

Irises are traditionally given on the silver wedding anniversary.

50th wedding anniversary

The gold wedding anniversary is celebrated at 50 years of marriage. Gold jewellery is most popularly given to the couple, but you could take it a step further and get something the couple love covered in gold. For example a phone, games console, laptop or even their car!

Yellow roses are given on the 50th wedding anniversary to match all the gold you are planning on getting the happy couple.

60th wedding anniversary


The 60th wedding anniversary is diamonds. Once again jewellery is the obvious choice, but there are some unique gifts you could get. For those who enjoy the occasional drink you can buy Diaka vodka. It is unique and expensive as it has been filtered through diamonds.

Golden champagneYou can now have almost anything encrusted in diamonds, including cars, gadgets and shoes. If the couple have a well-loved pet then a diamond collar for their cat or dog could be a great choice.

You don’t have to stick with the traditional gifts by year for couples on their wedding anniversaries. Gifts that celebrate their marriage should be top of the agenda. Often couples would rather just exchange gifts between themselves. If this is the case then maybe a charity donation would be more appropriate. Often if you make a donation in someone’s name they will receive a card letting them know. This makes a great gift.

Another great gift that will please anyone is flowers; they are simple and inexpensive and will brighten up anyone’s home. Interflora has a great selection of wedding anniversary flowers on offer.

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