Walking in an Orchid Wonderland!

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 24, 2012

OrchidOrchids are one of nature’s most beautiful flowers but many people are putting off having them in their home, thinking that they require a lot of specialist care.  In fact, orchids are as easy to care for as any other flower as long as you know what you’re doing from the start.

Phalaenopsis orchids are one of the most well-known and decorative orchid species available. Versatile, delicate and beautiful, these stunning flowers look at home in virtually any container and can be very long-lasting. Plus, they are easy to care for and look luxurious when used as a feature for a coffee table or office desk, adding a touch of class to your interior décor.

Here we have put together a guide to help you pick out the perfect orchid arrangement to suit your style.

Bowl of delights

OrchidsYou can create an eye-catching centrepiece for your Christmas table by combining the tall stems of pink phalaenopsis with some icy grey ceropegia. Work with the natural curve of the orchid stem and carefully pin them into place with bobby pins or hatpins. The trailing strands of delicate ceropegia will naturally cascade over the bowl’s edge, giving it a rustic, yet elegant, finish. Spray occasionally with water and place in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.

Ice queen

OrchidsChoosing an unusual vase can really make or break your orchid arrangement. Delicate mini phalaenopsis in pure white give a wonderful wintery look to this charming glass vase and all you have to do to finish the design is add a few carefully positioned silver birch twigs.


OrchidsThe rich and luxurious shade of these burgundy orchids, when placed in a low glass bowl, makes a really unusual and striking arrangement. The roots and soil are cleverly disguised by artificial red apples and the orchids themselves are linked together with ‘wands’ decorated with glittering stars.

Winter garden

OrchidsBring the frosty outdoors in this Christmas and try your hand at creating your very own winter garden gift. The white mini phalaenopsis here are wrapped in moss with cones and mini snowballs, creating a picture-perfect scene of winter’s beauty. This design really shows off how versatile orchids are and how they can become a charming and personal gift for someone you love.


Phalaenopsis orchids – Care tips

Water: Keep compost moist and use soft, tepid water if possible. Reduce watering in winter.
Light: Good light, but out of direct sunlight, orchids ideally need 10 – 15 hours of light daily.
Temperature: Approximately 70°F in summer, 60°F in winter. Cool nights are essential.
Humidity: High humidity is important, mist regularly and keep away from direct heat sources.
Feeding: Feed during the summer, preferably with specific orchid food.

Images courtesy of Floradania.dk

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