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by Charlotte.Barnes on March 7, 2012

movie board and bookWith Mother’s Day coming up, we’ve been thinking about how much people love their mums and typically think that she is the best in the world. That may be true, but there have also been some pretty amazing mothers in the worlds of literature, film and television. These super mums go to show that all kinds of mothers can be wild, weird and wonderful in their own special way.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite fictional mothers based on their strength, determination and love for their families. Read on to see if your favourite fictional mum is among them.

Pam Shipman (Alison Steadman) – Gavin and Stacey

The house-proud Essex mother from the comedy series Gavin and Stacey is first on our list and is definitely one of the funniest fictional mums. As a doting mother and number one fan of Camilla Parker-Bowles, Pam has given us hours of laughter as she looks after her ‘Little Prince’ Gavin and his best friend Smithy.

Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones) – The Addams Family

The mother of all things ooky and spooky, Morticia Addams is a vamp as well as a top mum. Anjelica Huston and Daryl Hannah have played her but Carolyn Jones first portrayed Morticia in the 1960s series.  Looking after her husband Gomez and children Wednesday and Pugsley is a full-time job, especially when you’ve got a house full of creepy crawlies and ghouls to deal with as well, but this lady does it all with style and a ghost-like grace.

Mrs Gump (Sally Field) – Forrest Gump

This is a mother who would do anything for her son, from making sure he gets a fair education, to giving him life lessons via advertising slogans and boxes of chocolates. Sally Field’s wonderful performance as Forrest’s mum showed us all how unconditional a mother’s love can be. Sally said of her character, “She’s a woman who loves her son unconditionally” and that’s what we love about her.

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) – Terminator

Definitely the toughest mother on our list, Sarah Connor has fought unstoppable cyborgs from the future and shady government agents in order to protect her son. Considering he is destined to grow up and save mankind, she’s really doing us all a favour with her heroic actions. Lena Headley plays Sarah in the popular TV series, but we’ve gone with the original tough-mamma from the movies, Linda Hamilton.

Marion Cunningham (Marion Ross) – Happy Days

The voice of reason in the Cunningham household in Happy Days, Marion was a mother to her own children as well as her ‘adopted’ child, Arthur Fonzarelli, also known as The Fonz. Marion was the only person The Fonz allowed to use his first name and she was always the one to go to for some helpful advice.

Lois Griffin (voiced by Alex Borstein) – Family Guy

She may not always do or say the right thing, but Lois Griffin has more to deal with than most mothers. She’s married to a man who creates chaos wherever he goes, and mother to a baby who wants to take over the world, so Lois certainly has a lot on her plate. However, she takes it all in her stride and even has a few madcap adventures of her own.

Marge Simpson (voiced by Julie Kavner) – The Simpsons

From her first appearance in The Simpsons series in 1989, Marge Simpson has been the lynch-pin of this chaotic cartoon family. Practical and caring, Marge seems to have endless patience for her family, particularly Homer and Bart who could turn even her bright blue hair grey with stress. If anyone deserves a proper Mothers Day treat, we think Marge certainly qualifies!

Kanga (voiced by Barbara Luddy) – Winnie the Pooh

The ever-patient and soft-spoken Kanga is mother to Roo and a source of advice for the other residents of the Hundred Acre Wood. Whenever one of her friends needed some support and maybe a helping hand, Kanga is always there to bake cookies and make sure everyone is safe and well. She even put up with Tigger living in her house and we all know the kind of mess he can make!

Mrs Jumbo – Dumbo

If you didn’t cry when Mrs Jumbo was locked up away from her son, I would check your heart is still beating! Although she never spoke a word, you knew how much she cared for her big-eared baby. Protecting her little one from a bully put poor Mrs Jumbo in the slammer but that didn’t stop her rocking her baby to sleep through the bars. We all had a good cry then and couldn’t help cheering when she and her fantastic flying child got their own happy ending.

Ma Larkin (Pam Ferris) – The Darling Buds of May

Florence ‘Ma’ Larkin is the cheery, smiling mother from one of Britain’s most popular dramas. Featuring a very young Catherine Zeta Jones, this countryside romp brightened our Sundays and a lot of this was thanks to Ma Larkin’s ever-sunny disposition. Always in the kitchen, Ma was continuous cooking up delicious baked goods and rustic suppers that made us all want to run away to the country.

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MedMog 13 Mar 2012 at 12:40 am

Mrs. Frisby (or Brisby, if you prefer the movie) from the Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (or “The Secret of NIMH”).

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