Top 15 cool vases for your flowers

by Stefania Del Zotto on September 13, 2011

sky-planter-vase-interfloraFlowers can brighten up any home and the addition of a beautiful vase can create even more impact. Our florists in London and across the UK can create stunning designs that would look great in any of these.
Have a look at our selection of vases, some of them are really cool!

Bunsen burner
These vintage bunsen burners have been transformed into little vases by Ethanollie on Etsy. They can accommodate one stem and look great in groups.


Trellis garden
Inspired by traditional trellises, this Trellis Garden was designed by Alberto Sanchez. It’s a modular system that allows you to make gardens of any size. The system is called ROOTS and is made from wood designed to hold ceramic pots and lamps in place.


Sky Planter
These Sky Planters by Boskke hang upside down. They are quirky and because they can be hung from the ceiling, freeing up shelf and counter space. They are great for small kitchens and can be planted with all sort of plants, including herbs. We love the one with orchids!


Horse vases
These Horse Head Vases were designed by Jamie Hayon for Bosa. They would make a great impact in any home with some white roses and are a nice alternative to a deer’s head on the wall!


Wig vase
These amazing wig vases by Tania Da Cruz are designed in such a way that you can create your own floral hairdos on them. A new bouquet of flowers would give you a chance to get creative.


Cupcake vase
The Fleus Daily Cupcake designed by Joster International would be perfect for any wedding that has a cupcake theme. The vase itself looks like a cupcake case, so when planted with little flowers the whole thing looks like a floral cake!


Valentine’s vase
These recycled plastic bottles have been turned into romantic vases. They are easy to make and you probably have all the supplies at home to try it for yourself.

recyclable-valentine-vasesFunnel Vase
London designer Roger Arquer has designed this Funnel Vase with a funnel coming out of one side which allows you to empty the water and refill without removing the flowers.


Vintage tea tins
These vintage tins, cleaned out and arranged in a group, make a lovely set of vases. You could fill them with water for a small bunch of cut flowers or you could plant herbs and houseplants into them for a lasting look.


Lamp vase
The Lightpot by Studio Shulab uses eco-friendly LED bulbs. These would be great if you don’t have ideal lighting conditions in your home and still want to have plants growing all over the place.


Apple vases
These cute vases are by designer Lori Cardenoso. They are the size of an apple and look great with one or two stems of greenery sticking out of the top.


Book vase
This quirky vase is called a Honbashi, which is sort of like a Bonsai pot. The idea behind it was to teach people about good gardening practices. You could easily make something like this on your own if you were feeling crafty.


DIY light bulb vases
Here’s a quirky vase you can make at home. Shelterness has put together a tutorial to make these lovely hanging vases from old light bulbs.


Domestic Ponds

These Domestic Ponds combine purifying plants with fish tanks. The idea is that they sustain one another, creating a functional but also a very attractive item that would look great in any contemporary home.

domestic ponds flower vase interflora

Tourbillion Vase
A+A Cooren
designed this amazing vase. It’s a beautifully simple and won’t detract from whatever flowers you decide to put into it.


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