Top 15 cool accessories for your garden

by Stefania Del Zotto on September 6, 2011

digging-dog-garden-ornamentA garden can easily be spruced up with some simple decorations and can even be more functional with a little bit of technology. We’ve pulled together a list of 15 cool accessories we would like to have in our garden together with plenty of flowers!

Egg Birdhouses
These birdhouses from J Schatz (£88) make a wonderful addition to any garden. The little egg-shaped houses come in eight colours and are bound to attract all sorts of small birds.

egg-bird-house-interfloraDigging Dog
The Digging Dog garden ornament (£29.99) from Present Finder is a unique gift that’s a great alternative to a garden gnome. It’s a life-size back half of a Jack Russell terrier that looks as if it is busy digging up the garden!

digging-dog-garden-ornamentAirplant Wall Tile
This airplant wall tile (£25.49) from Pigeon Toe Ceramics is a thrown porcelain half cylinder with five cut outs for nestling air plants. The tiles are modular and have been designed to hang in groups. You can have the flowers delivered from any good shop online.

airplant-wall-tile-interfloraSolar flower lights
These little flower lights (£15.50) will charge up during the day so when night falls you are left with a little bit of light to guide your way through the garden. They can be set up along a path or dotted in the flowerbeds to illuminate them in the evening.

flower-solar-lights-garden-interfloraDesigner spade
These spades, designed by Cal Lane, are certainly a step forward from the chunky, rusting monstrosities you usually see in a garden. They look amazing, but they might be a little too fragile to be practical.

quirky-cool-spades-garden-interfloraDesigner watering can
Deger Cenzig
has made this stainless steel pot plant and watering can hybrid. He describes it as “a love story between a devoted watering can and a selfish potted plant”. Limited edition of ten.

design-watering-can-deger-cenzigLounge barrow
Sascha Urban and Dorothea Wirwall have designed a wheelbarrow that transforms into a comfy seat with a laptop rest! When you are done relaxing, the seat packs back into the wheelbarrow for easy transportation.
confy-wheel-barrow-interfloraBucket vase
Qubus Design Studio
has created these hand blown glass pieces that attach to buckets to instantly transform them into vases. They slot into the buckets, which can transform the way cut flowers are displayed. They look fantastic with roses in them.

bucket-vase-interfloraGardening gloves
These gloves by Nippon Work Gloves (£7.70) are a gardener’s delight. The design gives details of measurements and conversions so you know exactly how deep you are planting seeds. The white parts of the glove are made of rubber to provide you with extra grip while working in the garden. Other patterns are available too.

nippon-work-gloves-interfloraQuirky clothes pegs
These bird-shaped pegs (£13.50 for 25) from Pedlars will add a cute accent to your drying washing. And even when you don’t have anything out on the line it’ll look as if you’ve got a friendly gathering of birds sitting in your garden.

bird-shaped-pegs-interfloraFocus barbecue designs
This wall mounted foldable barbecue by Focus is functional and more aesthetically pleasing than the usual barbecue designs. It can be attached to any garden wall and it folds and unfolds very easily like some magic grill.

Sigmafocus-Wall-Mounted-BarbequeGrass chair
These chairs by Cribcandy have been covered with grass and make sitting amongst nature slightly more elegant. While you might not want to sit on them all day, they make beautiful talking pieces in any garden.

grass-garden-furniture-chair-interfloraTropicalia Cocoon
This hammock
is in an attractive cocoon shape and wonderfully colourful. It would set you back £5,350 but it would be the perfect place to curl up with a book and just forget about everything else for a while.

designer-hammock-interfloraGarden office
This garden shed (starting from £12,000) by Archipod becomes an unusual office, reducing the cost of commuting to work every day!   The ‘Pod’ is primarily suited to use as a garden office, but could easily be adapted to anything you choose: playroom, studio, hobby room, meditation/ quiet room, outside entertaining/dining room, tree house!

unique-garden-shed-designs-interfloraFlowerpot barbecue
For those who don’t have much space in the garden and don’t want a huge gas barbecue cluttering up the place, this is the product for you. The Hot Pot BBQ (£74.99) looks like a flower pot most of the time, but take off the top and there’s a little grill under there!

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