The sky’s the limit for our sunflowers!

by Charlotte.Barnes on August 11, 2011

sunflower-interfloraWell, it’s been just over seven weeks since our last update and the Interflora sunflower competition has really taken off!

Tall, green plants have taken over our marketing department and some of our growers have been getting quite competitive. Using tips and tricks learned from family members and friends, specialised plant foods, compost and, of course, good old-fashioned water and sunshine, our sunflowers have grown exceptionally over the past few weeks.

We have had a few casualties and not every sunflower has grown up big and strong. In fact, some haven’t grown at all! We haven’t quite figured out why some plants haven’t faired quite so well, but there’s still time for the smaller ones to catch up.

Next week will be our final measuring session and we’re eager to see whose sunflower has reached for the sky!


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Charlotte Barnes

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