The romance of plants for Valentine’s Day

by Charlotte.Barnes on January 18, 2011

Red roses are no longer the only way to say ‘I love you’. There are so many wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts out there that men, as well as women, are often on the hunt for something a little different.

So, if you are a true romantic looking for a gift, but not necessarily flowers, what are the alternatives?

Plants are the obvious choice and with a little sideways thinking and some imagination there is plenty you can do to surprise your loved one with a very special gift.

Of course, a tray of plants in brown pots isn’t going to get anyone’s heart racing. What’s needed are some well chosen plants and a few sexy containers.

Plants with heart-shaped leaves

Yes it’s corny, but it is Valentine’s Day! The following plants all have distinctive heart-shaped leaves.

  • Alocasia Amazonica has enormous deep green leaves with bold white veins.
  • Two particular varieties of Anthurium have beautiful leaves. Sweetheart Pink and Sweetheart Red are perfect for the occasion.
  • The Begonia Rex has off-centre heart-shaped leaves in striking colours.
  • The paper-thin leaves of the Caladium are beautifully marked. They are at their best from late spring to early autumn.
  • The Philodendro Scandens is also known as the Sweetheart Plant. Make sure the name is on show when you give it to your loved one.

Modern Love

The fleshy leaves of succulents have a certain tactile sensuality to them and are very now. Use Ceropegia woodii – otherwise appropriately known as String of Hearts, which is easy to grow and take care of. Or how about something for the star-crossed lover? Sempervivum are ideal, as they are doggedly hardy and thrive on neglect.

Old Fashioned Lover Boy

For pure romance you will never beat the rose. But it doesn’t have to be a cut flower – win their heart the old fashioned way by giving the traditional patio rose a new look. Try displaying it in groups in pretty terracotta pots; it gives more impact and colour to your garden.

Another Victorian favourite, the viola, looks super sexy and bang up-to-date in a black container decorated with satin ribbon. Dressing up plants is not only fun but it could put a smile on that special someone’s face. After all, if love is supposed to blossom and grow, what better gift could you give than a plant?

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Charlotte Barnes

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