The perfect Prom wrist corsage

by Charlotte.Barnes on August 27, 2009

Rose CorsageAlong with Oreo cookies, tooth whitening, Levis and reality tv, the school Prom has finally made it across the Atlantic to the UK. And with the Prom comes the ultimate Prom accessory – aside from your date, that is – the wrist corsage…

In the 1950s Proms took off in the USA, and by the time of the high school movies of the 1980s, they were firmly established as the definitive coming-of-age ritual for every American teenager.

Like in the US, legions of 16-year-olds in the UK now painstakingly um and ah over what to wear, how to travel to the event and who they’re going to go with, as Proms become more popular in Britain.

Choosing the right corsage

It’s all about the dress when it comes to choosing the wrist corsage. When girls and their mums visit florists to order their wrist corsages for the big night they take 3 things into consideration:

  • style of dress
  • colour of the dress
  • the detail on the dress.

Inspirational ideas

Florists are used to getting orders for Prom wrist corsages so they should be able to accommodate what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for ideas, take inspiration from the designs below:

1. These white Arums look especially upmarket and pretty when attached to an elasticised pearl wrist band, with a little foliage for decoration. The neutral colouring means it will go with any dress and the modern design is sure to make any teenager feel like a Prom Queen.

White Arum Corsage

2. This delicate design of Phalanopsis Orchids has been attached to a diamante wrist band – which makes a lovely keepsake for the lucky wearer as a reminder of her big night.

Phalanopsis Orchid Corsage

3. Opt for the traditional peach Rose wrist corsage surrounded by a collar of ivy leaves and pretty white Chincherinchee. Peach Roses can mean modesty, friendship and the closing of a deal – the perfect symbolic flower for a young girl finishing school.

Rose side on 75 smaller

Thanks to Robert Lacey NDSF & Jemma Cotton for the use of their three stunning designs.

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