The national flowers of the Rugby World Cup

by Stefania Del Zotto on September 27, 2011

rugby-world-cup-logo-2011The Rugby World Cup is well under way and we thought we’d bring you a little bit about each of the competing countries – all with a floral twist. So, here’s a list of countries with a national flower that are competing in the tournament in New Zealand.

In Argentina the ceibo is the national flower. It’s a South American Tree that grows between 8 and 10 metres high. It has red flowers and was declared the national flower of Argentina in 1942.
Ceibo flower InterfloraAustralia
The golden wattle is a member of the acacia family and the national emblem of Australia. It has bright yellow flowers that are highly scented and often used in perfume production. It is mainly found in Australia itself.
Flower Golden wattle InterfloraCanada
While Canada doesn’t have an official national flower, there is, of course, the maple leaf, which is on the country’s flag. The maple is also known as the Acer and most species grow to between 10 and 45 metres in height.
Mable leaves InterfloraEngland
The rose is the national emblem of England and has been since the War of the Roses (1455-1485). There are many types of rose in a variety of colours and they are often a symbol of love and romance.
Red rose InterfloraFiji
The tagimoucia flower is found in the mountains of Taveuni on the shores of a huge lake. There is a legend to go with the flowers that says they appeared on a vine from the tears of an upset child.
Tagimoucia flower Interflora{ from Ryan Photographic }


The shamrock is a very recognisable symbol for Ireland. Interestingly, it is a registered trademark of the government of Ireland.
Shamrock InterfloraItaly
Italy, like France, is another of the European countries that doesn’t have a national flower. While, one of the most popular flowers is iris, which is the flower of the city of Florence.
Iris InterfloraJapan
The sakura is often known as cherry blossom. These beautiful trees play a large part in Japanese culture and school years often coincide with their blooming season.
Sakura flower InterfloraNew Zealand
The kowhai are small, woody legume trees. The Maori used to heat the bark with hot stones and used it to treat wounds and back pain.
The dog rose is a type of rose native to Europe. It produces rose hips, which are very high in vitamin C and antioxidants.
Dog rose flower InterfloraRussia
The national flower of Russia is camomile, a simple, beautiful daisy-like flower that is most widely known as an ingredient in some teas.
Camomile flower InterfloraSamoa
Teulia, also known as red ginger, is the national flower of Samoa. These showy flowers are found in hotter climates but can also be grown indoors as houseplants. They also make lovely cut flowers.
Red ginger flower interfloraScotland
The thistle is Scotland’s national flower. It’s a prickly plant with purple flowers. It is said the thistle was chosen because a Norse invader stood on one and cried out in pain, alerting Scottish armies to an impending invasion.
Thistle flower InterfloraSouth Africa
Protea are also called sugarbushes. Most protea occur south of the Limpopo river. They tend to grow in the Cape Florastic region, which is home to many diverse plants.
Protea flower InterfloraTonga
Every year in Tonga there is the week-long Heilala Festival, during which the national flower is celebrated. There is dancing, food, drinks and parties throughout the week.
heilala flower Interflora{ from Wikimedia Commons }

The rose is also the emblem of the USA. It has been associated with the United States for a while but was only made the official national flower in 1986.

In Wales the daffodil is the national symbol. The leek is also a national emblem and, as the Welsh words for each are very similar, it is likely that one came around because of a misunderstanding.
Daffodils Interflora

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