Let love in with pink flowers

by Charlotte.Barnes on June 27, 2011

pink rosesPink flowers are a bright and somewhat feminine way of letting a bit of colour into your home and garden. There are so many different shades of pink flowers, from pale baby pinks to bright magenta.


bright pink rose bushA pink rose represents true love, friendship and joy. A pink rose is given to show true admiration. A bouquet of pink roses generally conveys a softer message then red ones.

Cherry Blossom

cherry flowersThese are the little flowers found on the Sakura tree; they are small and come in various shades of pink. They can brighten up whole gardens and, when the flowers begin to drop off, they turn the ground underneath into a carpet of pink.


pink orchidsA few species of orchid come in a beautiful bright pink shades, the most popular being the Phalaenopsis which comes in white too. They are sometimes called the Moth Orchid because of the shape of the flower.


pink carnation flowerThese come in a whole rainbow of colours but the pink variety is a beautiful, soft shade. Pink carnations are said to have first appeared when Jesus carried the cross – they grew wherever His tears fell. They became a symbol of a mother’s undying love.


pink oriental lilliesThese striking, elegant lilies look great in bouquets and can also be grown in your garden. Some beautiful pink varieties are the Japanese Lily and Siroi Lily.

Sweet Peas

pink peas flowerThese are garden favourites across the UK. They come in pastel pinks, purples and blue. They are climbing plants so when growing them they should have a stable support system. They can make a whole garden smell wonderful.


pink gerberaThe pink varieties of these are mostly a very bright magenta and they are perfect in colourful bouquets.


fuschia-flowerThese are small trees or shrubs that grow multicoloured flowers. The outside petals are often bright pink while the broader petals on the inside are purple. These colours attract the hummingbirds that pollinate them in their native countries.


pink rhododendronThese woody plants often have bright, showy flowers, mostly in pink. Some of the better-known species have large clusters of flowers making a very bright addition to any garden. You can get anything from small shrubs to very large trees.

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Charlotte Barnes

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