Vintage flowers: Ideas from expert florist Sarah Horne

by Stefania Del Zotto on February 16, 2012

Sarah HorneWe got the chance to speak to Sarah Horne, one of our passionate and dedicated florists. She runs Sarah Horne Flowers in Leamington Spa and has come up with some unique and beautiful vintage flower arrangements.

You created some beautiful designs inspired by vintage tea sets. Where did you get the idea?

Lots of brides are opting for a vintage theme and this was cutting out the florist because they were just putting flowers in teapots and jam jars. If couples can hire china from a florist they often have the flowers too. We now sell vintage tea sets and I wanted to incorporate that element into the floristry as well. It’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm for vintage and all the hire pieces from last year are now being sold as gifts.

Sarah Horne flowers

So the shop has changed a lot over the last year?

Oh, yes. There was too much china in the shop at one point and not enough flowers. We’ve now got the right balance and have limited the area for china. We’ve also taken an area in the local shopping centre, selling Sarah Horne presents. Bags of flowers, tea cups containing little arrangements and cupcakes made from flowers, as well as china, chocolates and French toiletries. People are beginning to realise that we don’t just do big bouquets for big occasions. We do so much more and whatever it is we do it exquisitely.

How do you create a vintage look with flowers?

I use spray roses, anemones and Santini chrysanthemums – delicate, pretty flowers that are English, or at least English-looking. I’ve also used Cymbidium orchids, which have proved very popular. For colours, pinks, whites and lilacs are most popular. I then accent them with greens, such as ivy, but also take into account the colour of the china the flowers are going with.

Sarah Horne flowers

Where do you source your vintage china?

Auctions mostly. I go to a lot but sometimes don’t buy anything at all. I know the sorts of pieces that look great with our flowers. I’ve recently started buying vintage terrines to decorate. I’m going to use them for spring arrangements with Narcissus. We want to set ourselves apart from everyone else by offering more. Everything we sell is unique and there is something for everyone, from the traditional blue and white china to something pretty with roses on.

Tell us more about your demonstrations and classes

Florists often ask me why I do courses and the reason is simple: I love sharing my knowledge and passion. It helps me to develop new ideas and I find that so inspiring. I can do something a bit weird and different during a class using a technique I particularly like. Guests who come to my classes don’t need to know the basics about flower arranging to have a good time. And even if they do, it’s different to most classes they might attend so it’s likely to be something they won’t have tried before. I’ve also taught at the Interflora Flower School and will be doing another class there in March.

Six Sarah Horne arrangements

To find out more about Sarah Horne’s amazing arrangements, visit Sarah Horne Flowers.

For further information and to see more wonderful flowers available in the area, get in touch with our florists in Leamington Spa.

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