Non chocolate Easter gifts: Our top ten

by Charlotte.Barnes on April 2, 2012

A lot of the focus of Easter is on chocolate, but sometimes it’s nice to receive Easter gifts that will last a little bit longer. Perhaps you want to embrace the essence of spring or buy something for a loved one who isn’t keen on sweet things.

So, check out this selection of lovely gifts that are perfect for Easter…

Adopt a hawk box

Barn own chicks

(Image copyright: Colin Shawyer)

The Hawk and Owl Trust works to conserve Britain’s birds of prey. If you have a friend or a family member who loves birds or just likes doing something for charity, then you could adopt a hawk box on their behalf. They’ll get regular updates on what’s happening in the box and will be able to find out more about owls and other birds of prey. Visit the Hawk and Owl Trust website to find out more.

Cupcake bunting fabric

Easter fabric

If you are the creative type then this fabric could be made into a lovely gift. Perhaps some curtains for a child’s room or a gift bag that can then be filled with all sorts of treats. If you’re not the crafty sort but know someone with a love for cute fabrics then this would be the perfect addition to their collection. Priced from £25 per square metre from DigetexHOME.

Bunny Meadow wall sticker

Bunny bedroom wall sticker

This wall sticker would look lovely in a child’s room not just at Easter but all year round. It would make a great gift for a friend or family member with children or perhaps you could surprise your own child with their own bunny meadow on Easter morning. Priced at £95 from Bambizi.

Sophie Allport Chickens Range

Chicken motif kitchenware

This range of kitchenware would make the prefect Easter gift. Depending on your budget you could splash out on tea towels and egg cosies or buy someone a beautiful new dining set. If you are being invited to Easter lunch with family, give your host a gift from this range early on so it can be shown off when everyone sits down to eat. Priced from £5 from Sophie Allport.

Woodland Bunnies Ice Lolly Makers

Woodland bunny lollymaker

With warm weather on the horizon, these ice lolly makers would make a great gift for a family or for anyone with a sweet tooth. For a yummy treat, try filling them with juice or yoghurt and frozen berries before popping them in the freezer. Priced at £4.95 from Dotcomgiftshop.

Sow and Grow Bug Eating Plants

Venus flytrap

This kit allows you to grow your own Venus flytraps and pitcher plants – a great present for children and a fun introduction to basic gardening. It’s the sort of present that lasts well past Easter too (unlike chocolate, which might be gone before the day is through). There’s enough in the set to get three people started on growing their own bug eating plants so this is a great present for the whole family. Priced at £12.99 from For Her From You.

Red Rooster Easter Mug

Emma Bridgewater mug

This beautiful mug is another charming piece from Emma Bridgewater. It’s ideal for Easter and is certain to brighten up any breakfast table. It would be appreciated by anyone who keeps chickens or enjoys a nice cup of tea. Priced at £19.95 from Emma Bridgewater

Rustic Garden Tools Hanger

garden tools

This is not only a practical gift but it would also look lovely hanging on a wall or fence in the garden. It would make a great Easter present for anyone who is already making the use of the warming weather to get out in the garden. Priced at £47 from Jasmine Way.

Personalised Easter Sign

Home sign

This sign will be customised by Delightful Living with the house name of your choice. A wonderful gift for the host of an Easter garden party or for someone who loves entertaining, it would also be perfect for anyone who is moving into a new home this spring. Priced at £25 from Delightful Living.

Hand Painted Double Walled Cache Pots

colourful plant pots

These pots have been hand painted and the on-glaze paints give them a vibrancy that should only be rivalled by the flowers planted in them. Tall plants, such as orchids or hyacinths, would look fabulous planted into one of these pots. They come presented in a black and pink gift box, ready to give to your loved one. Priced from £79 from

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