Surprise Surprise First Episode – Suzanne’s Story

by Bethany Day on June 22, 2015

In the opening show of the brand new series of Surprise Surprise, charitable worker, Suzanne Cooper, was given the surprise of a lifetime by her daughter, Katherine, for all her amazing voluntary work.

Katherine brought her mum to the Langham Hotel in London for a special afternoon tea, when suddenly the staff and customers burst into a song and dance routine for her favourite Lionel Richie tune ‘Hello’, before introducing the man himself to Suzanne. Lionel also presented Suzanne and Katherine with special VIP tickets to his concert in Edinburgh

We  caught up with Suzanne to see what she had to say about her experience:

“My experience of Surprise Surprise has been amazing, I was completely ‘surprised’ by Lionel Richie and the beautiful words received by all involved with the surprise.  I have had a once in a lifetime experience which I could never have dreamed of.  I was completely bewildered at first and kept thinking why is Lionel here? Something like this just does not happen to me.

“I volunteer my time to help others because I enjoy it, I feel great and I know the impact I am having on real people.  My real love is helping a poverty stricken village in Kenya, they may not have a lot of resources but their drive and passion to succeed in life drives me to help them.  This experience has shown me how important my fundraising is and in the future my dream is to set up my own charity, which would support an organisation out in Kenya called PROCAD. 

“Having a programme like Surprise Surprise helps ordinary people be shown how important their efforts are, because I never realised how important my efforts are to others.

“If one thing could come from my story, I would love to encourage others to volunteer their time in helping others, by either volunteering their time with a local charity or getting involved further afield.” 

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