Spring gardening tips: what to do in May

by Charlotte.Barnes on May 9, 2012

First there was unseasonable sunshine and scorching temperatures, then freezing weather and snow! It’s fair to say that the UK weather front has certainly been all over the place over the last couple of weeks. However, there is still plenty to do in your garden in May and, following on from our tips in April, you should be well on your way to a bright and beautiful garden.

First pick – Winter vegetables and the first of the early spring plantings should be ready to harvest now so make the most of your fresh and tasty home-grown treats. Spring salads, broths, stews and soups are perfect for utilising the first pickings from your allotment and anything left over can be put in the freezer or the compost bin.

spring vegetable soup

More planting – With the space left from your early spring harvest, there is now room to sow some more plants and vegetables for the summer and autumn. Try planting varieties of peas, beetroot and broccoli, as well as sweetcorn and pumpkin, provided the latter are kept under cover.

pumpkins growing{Organic Growing Pains}

Careful clipping – May is a perfect time to trim back overgrown hedges and bushes, but before you get the shears out you should check for nesting birds. This is the time of year that birds will be getting ready to lay their eggs and you don’t want to disturb a fledgling nest if you can help it.

robin's nest in a hedge

An eye on the sky – There is still chance of a late frost so keep the weather reports in mind when protecting your seedlings and new plantings. Anything vulnerable should be defended against sudden changes in weather and it is a good idea to regularly check the health of your crops.

Frosty thistles{The Crafty Gardener}

Don’t dry out – With parts of the country in drought, May is a good time to think about irrigation and storing water for the coming months. Getting a water butt or similar water collection equipment in place now may be the saving grace of your garden during the dryer days of summer.wooden water barrel

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