Spring gardening tips: what to do in March

by Charlotte.Barnes on February 27, 2012

purple herbsAs the cold weather starts to recede (for the most part) we edge closer and closer to spring and the abundance of flowers, plants and wild life that it brings. You may have already started getting your garden prepared for the next season of planting but if not, here’s our handy guide to gardening in March.

Get a vegetable calendar

putting a plant in soil

Now is the best time to start planning what you are going to grow in your allotment. Allocating space, time and care required will help you to sort out which plants, vegetables and herbs will be most productive in your garden, and which ones you can leave out this year.

Invite some greenhouse friends

Little frog in a hand{Alan Heartfield}

If you followed our January tips, you’ll have cleaned and organised your greenhouse. (Don’t worry if not, there’s still time) Now you should concentrate on inviting some gardener’s friends into your greenhouse that will set up home, ready to tackle any pests. Frogs and spiders are particularly good so create a few dark, damp corners for them to hide in.

Check your lawn

two tone lawn colours{Aaron Kohr}

Under the recent snow, it was a little hard to check how your grass was doing, let alone trim it. But now is the best time to take stock on the health of your grass and tackle any weeds or brown patches that are causing problems. It’s better to do it now than wait until the busy season starts.

Put your seeds to bed

blue plant pot with seedling{Smphoto}

February is the time to start potting some of your seeds and getting a jump on growing. Keeping them indoors for this important first stage will help in the long run and when they’re ready you can transfer them easily into the greenhouse. Peas and cabbage are the perfect vegetables to start with, and for your flower beds, try Snapdragons or Magnolia Stellata.

Defend your borders

Paving slabs on the lawn


During the winter, our borders often get neglected and start to look shabby. February is the best time to start ridding your borders of dead plants and get the soil ready for the next generation. This includes garden paths and flagstones which may need a trim to help redefine the edges.

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