Spring gardening tips: what to do in January

by Charlotte.Barnes on January 11, 2012

daffodilsAnother year and another list of things to do in the garden; there’s no point putting it off any longer. It can seem like a daunting task at times but thanks to our handy month-by-month guide, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done in your garden at the right time to ensure a beautiful green space full of flowers for you and your family.

1)    The birds that have stayed in the UK will be feeling the effects of the cold weather now so make sure to hang your bird feeders and put out food on the ground and bird table for them. Birds are great at pollinating flowers and keeping insect numbers low so start attracting them to your garden as early as possible. While you’re at it, also check that your bird bath is cleaned and doesn’t freeze over.

Robin in garden{Jaime Brum}

2)    If the ground isn’t frozen, January is the best time to prepare your soil for the coming months. Turn it over with some good fertiliser or compost and clear out any weeds, dead plants or debris that has found its way into your garden.

digging soil{Allotment Blogger}

3)    As far as planting goes, hardy varieties such as garlic can be planted now as they will survive any cold snaps we may have later on. If you have a green house or sheltered area, some herbs and vegetables, such as celery and potatoes, can also be planted now so they are ready to go in the ground when the time comes.

growing garlic{Stuart Skepelhorn}

4)    In preparation for the year ahead, clean out and reorganise your garden shed before starting any gardening. Check the condition of your tools, searching for rust and breakages, and get your labels, pots, compost bags and gloves all ready in advance. This will save you valuable time when the busier months begin.

tidy garden shed{Maurice van der Valden}

5)    Don’t forget your indoor plants as well as your outdoor ones. Check to see if they require a larger pot or if they have come through the colder nights unscathed. Trimming and re-potting the soil can also help give your house plants a new lease of life.

house plants indoor{Life@Longfield}

6)    If the cold weather does bring a frost in January, be careful not to get your salt-grit on your lawn or plants. The sodium chloride will wreak havoc with your soil. If you’re worried about spraying from the road, use a burlap or tarpaulin sheet to cover your plants and flowers.

crocus in snow{Irina Zubareva}

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