Spring gardening tips: what to do in April

by Charlotte.Barnes on March 21, 2012

little yellow flowerApril is considered the beginning of spring in the UK, as this is when you garden really starts to come to life. There is still plenty to do before the busy summer months, so now is the best time to get prepared.

Follow our guide to gardening in April and get ready for those long days spent out in the sunshine. If the sudden change in weather has left you unprepared, check out our previous guide to gardening in March for advice on how to catch up in time for summer.

Moving on up – Check your climbers and creepers in April and have string, ties and canes at the ready.  They may have had a recent growth spurt during the warmer days and will require additional support to continue growing. Make sure there are no weeds tangling up in the roots as well as this will stunt growth.

Start sowing your veggies – This is the time to start planting your vegetables. Keep them indoors for now in case of any last minute frost and it’s always best to plant a few more than you actually think you’ll need.

Wooden box of seedlings

Divide and conquer – Any of your plants that have survived winter may need to be separated or pruned to encourage new growth. Remember to check which technique is best for your particular plant before you start cutting as some species will require a more delicate touch than others.

The pests are on the move – Slugs and snails will start emerging during April and these are an allotment’s worse enemy. Scatter thorny plants, grit or eggshells around your plants to deter the slimy visitors and try and encourage more natural predators into your garden such as birds, hedgehogs and toads.

two snails on a branch {Mpalis}

Mulch ado about nothing – Take any trimmings, cuttings and prunings that aren’t worth saving and start your compost heap anew. By starting this process now, you should get some decent mulch ready for the summer. Use your leftover compost from last year to make sure your soil is well-prepared for further planting.

Water world – A number of plants and flowers will start entering their ‘summer’ phase which means they will require more frequent watering. Many plant and flower species become dormant during winter to conserve food and energy but they will begin to wake up once the warmer weather sets in. Keep an eye out on the blog for upcoming information about how to conserve water in preparation for this summer’s hose pipe ban.

metal watering can

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