Spare a thought for florists this Valentine’s day!

by Su Whale on February 12, 2010

Susan Whale
Spare a thought for us hard working florists this weekend, who instead of having a well deserved lie in on Sunday, will be up – before dawn most likely – busily arranging and delivering your Valentine’s flowers….

So no breakfast in bed this weekend, although we have been promised a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, which isn’t quite croissants and Champagne, but it’s a start!

Bacon Sandwich and Tea
So presuming that a beautifully, indeed, expertly arranged bouquet of the finest quality red roses will be arriving on your doorstep this weekend, I thought that a few tips about how to get the best out of your flowers would be a good idea.

Dramatic Dozen

If your roses arrive ‘hand-tied’ that is a round bouquet with the stems wrapped in cellophane and filled with water, then do enjoy them just as they are for the first 24 hours.

Then I would recommend taking them out of their wrapping, and transferring them into a vase, as the bag isn’t really big enough to hold sufficient water to feed all the flowers. To do this, hold the bouquet over the sink and cut the cellophane off with a pair of scissors – you can leave the wrapping around the flowers on if you like, but don’t untie the flowers as they would have already been tied and arranged by us.

Then simply fill the vase with fresh water and add flower food.

Woman arranging Roses

If your flowers are already in a vase – whether it’s a romantic single stemmed rose or one of our lovely perfect gifts, then all you need to do is top the water up occasionally and add some flower food. In general, to get the best out of your blooms, keep your flowers out of direct heat and sunshine (in February – I wish!) they will last longer in a cool spot.

This reminds me of a customer we once had who was regularly sent flowers by various members of her family which she would without fail place in a vase on top of the telly.

Not only was this a rather dangerous thing to do, as water and electricity do not mix, but it also meant that the vase life of the flowers was shortened by a few days because of the heat rising from the back of the television.

Dramatic Dozen
This lovely lady paid absolutely no attention whatsoever to her own family, so we had a phone call from her daughter to ask if we would step in.

So not only would our delivery driver remind her when he was standing on the doorstop, we also used to put in a hand written note – ‘Dear Mrs Jones, please don’t put your flowers on the telly!’ Fortunately, she eventually got the message!

So anyway, enjoy your flowers, and your chocolates, and, if you’ve been thoroughly spoilt, a glass of Champagne (or two) as well.

Happy Valentine’s!

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Su Whale

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