Some interesting facts about bees

by Charlotte.Barnes on April 26, 2011

As part of our save the bees campaign we wanted to help you to get to know bees a bit better, because they really are fascinating creatures. Take a look at our list of interesting facts below.

  • There are about 20,000 species of bees in the world.
  • In a hive there are the queen, workers and drones. The queen and workers are always female, the drones male.
  • Only female bees sting because their stinger is connected to their reproductive system.
  • Honeybees are the only insects to produce food for humans.
  • Honeybees visit two million flowers to make just 500g of honey.
  • The queen bee can live for up to five years and, in the busy summer months, she can lay up to 2500 eggs a day.
  • Bees help to cross pollinate plants as they go about collecting nectar and pollen.
  • A third of all the plants we eat will have been pollinated by bees.
  • Bumblebees don’t produce much honey, but they do still help to pollinate flowers.
  • The cuckoo bumblebee lays its eggs in another’s nest and leaves the workers there to bring up its young.
  • Bees produce honey to feed their young. In honeybee hives there’s so much left over that beekeepers can collect it for human consumption.

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Charlotte Barnes

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