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by Charlotte.Barnes on October 12, 2010

In celebration of National Chocolate Week (October 11th – 17th), we’re treating you to 10% off some of our most chocolaty gifts.

We’ve also got some insight into the history of chocolate for you.

Chocolate comes from the cacao tree and the earliest record of it was around 1100 BC in Central America. The Mayans worshipped the tree, believing it to have divine properties. Cacao is a Mayan word meaning ‘God food’.

They created a spicy drink out of the cocoa beans, found on the cacao tree. The drink was left to ferment and then used in ceremonies as well as for drinking by the wealthy.

The Aztecs also worshipped the cacao tree, but as they were further north in more arid terrain the trees didn’t grow as well, so any cocoa beans were either traded or the spoils of war.

The Aztecs used the beans as currency as well as for creating their own beverages to be used in rituals. This drink was called ‘xocolatl’ but when the Spanish conquistadors arrived they found this difficult to pronounce so they changed it to ‘chocolat’, which then became known as chocolate by the English.

The Spanish didn’t like the bitterness of the Aztec’s drink so they learned to make it more palatable by mixing the ground, roasted beans with sugar and vanilla, a practice still continued today.

The first chocolate factories opened up in Spain where the beans were ground into cocoa powder, which was then traded across Europe.

In 1657 the first chocolate house was opened in England. Similar to a coffee shop, wealthy people would meet in them to discuss business and socialise over a cup of chocolate.

In the 1600s cocoa powder also was added to cakes – the first time we’d eaten chocolate rather than drinking it. Then in 1828 a Dutch chemist, attempting to make the chocolate drink more palatable, devised a way of extracting the bitter tasting cocoa butter from the roasted, ground beans. This paved the way for the chocolate we eat today.

Solid chocolate bars as we know them now first appeared in 1847, when Fry & Sons of Bristol mixed sugar with cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Then a Swiss manufacturer found a way of combining cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sugar and dried milk to create the first milk chocolate.

It was in the 18th century that machines were made to produce chocolate, but it still wasn’t widespread and only those with money could buy it. It was with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution that chocolate became mass-produced and people could begin to experience chocolate worldwide.

Our chocolate voucher code

Because everyone loves chocolate, we’re giving you a yummy 10% off some of our most popular treats:

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All you have to do is enter the code SOCIALCHOC at the checkout. You’ve got until midnight on October 16th to use the code.

Happy Chocolate Week!

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