RHS Chelsea Flower Show: David Denyer diary – part 2

by David Denyer on May 3, 2011

Wow, what a week it’s been! Not only have we been really busy in the shop over Easter but our plans for Chelsea have taken on a new pace…

On Wednesday I travelled to London to meet up with the contractors who are making the nine doorways for the exhibit. I really wanted to make the most of the meeting as it would be our last opportunity to get together before the build. And there was plenty to talk about. Every small detail needs to be taken into consideration – how will the doorways stand up to warm weather conditions, how will the floral foam sit inside of each doorway, what about watering the flowers and replenishment? There’s just so much that needs to be thought through…

The contractors also brought along some samples of the finished doorway material- each one in a different shade of grey- and they looked fabulous. Now I just can’t wait to see all nine of them standing in a row, all beautifully dressed with flowers.

The other big news to report this week is that a flower supplier has come forward and offered to sponsor our exhibit. This year we will be working with a flower company called Landgard and I’m absolutely delighted to have them on board. As you know every single stem at Chelsea has to be just right, each petal has to be flawless. I’m confident that working alongside Landgard we will get it right.

I’ve now completed the flower list for the whole of the stand in each of the colours needed. We will be using some simple flowers like carnations and roses so that visitors can relate to the exhibit but I’ll also be including some more unsual flowers such as orange gloriosa, leucospermum’s and heleconia she-cong for that added interest.

It’s incredible to think that the idea for ‘A Sense of Perspective’ was conceived 6 months ago and now, finally, it’s slowly being brought to life. There’s so much to look forward to in the final week’s to come but still a lot more planning which needs to be done. Next week I will be tackling the logistical side of things- making sure that everything gets to the site on time and looking it’s best. I’ll keep you posted…

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David Denyer

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