RHS Chelsea Flower Show: David Denyer diary – part 3

by David Denyer on May 11, 2011

We have only a few weeks to go until the greatest flower show in the world opens in London and it’s all getting rather exciting.

This week I have been talking to our very kind sponsors about many of the products they are supplying, finalising all the details of what is required and when.

I’m indebted to Anthony Hart from Oasis who has personally overseen the cutting of every single piece of floral foam that will be used on the exhibit. Previously I’ve always had to cut the foam down to size myself and it’s a great weight off my mind knowing that Oasis will be looking after this part of the exhibit. I can rest assured that each section will be cut with care and precision and will slot into the nine doorways perfectly. How good is that?! Now I’ve no need to spend hours cutting up all the blocks myself. This will save valuable time when David Ragg and I begin building the exhibit on Wednesday 18th May.

This week I’ve also spent a lot of time on the phone to our flower sponsor, Landgard. Knowing just how important it is for every stem to be immaculate and every petal to be pristine, Landgard are going to pull out all the stops for the exhibit. After all, the devil’s in the detail, or so they say! The flowers will be arriving in London fresh and ready to work with on the Friday morning. But before that can happen we still need to work out all the logistics of everything arriving on time, together and ready to use. I’m keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Chelsea and as far as I can tell it’s going to be a scorcher! I’ll have to make sure all the flowers are kept well conditioned and looking their best not only for judging but for the many visitors who will attend throughout the week.

I’ve also been making a list of all the sundries that David Ragg and I will need for the Talking Flowers demonstrations we will be giving across the week. We will need lots of accessories such as vases, pins and twine to bring our beautiful floral designs to life. If you are planning on heading to Chelsea make sure you come and watch our demonstrations in The Talking Flowers Marquee.

On a personal note customers keep popping in the shop and asking me if I am starting to feel nervous, well the honest answer would have to be ‘yes’! Even though I have competed in many floristry competitions in the past there’s something so special about the RHS Chelsea Flower Show that you can’t help but get those butterflies in your stomach. I do believe it is good to be a bit jittery though, it keeps you focussed and on your toes. Once the exhibit is up and dressed beautifully I’ll be able to step back and see just exactly what a year’s worth of hard work looks like. I really can’t wait!

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David Denyer

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ann wass 25 May 2011 at 5:26 pm

you mentioned a type of rose good for cutting on the chelsea flower show programme when talking to rachel but i couldnt get the name, hypertessium?, please confrm,
many thanks

ann wass

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