Recycling Unwanted Presents

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 27, 2012

Wrapping a giftChristmas is a time for giving and watching the look of joy spread over your loved one’s face as they open their gifts. However, sometimes the gesture of giving is a little off-target and we are left with a gift that, while thoughtful, we can’t think of a single thing to do with it.

From vegetarians with a gift of steak knives to those on a diet gifted with a deluxe box of chocolates – we all have one of those gifts that would be better off elsewhere, so what do you do? To help you out in the New Year, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you with your unwanted presents this Christmas.

Emergency gifts
Unwanted gifts make a fantastic emergency gift stash when you have forgotten a special occasion. You may think that this is cheating somewhat but in the end, your loved one still gets a great gift and it saves you a lot of last-minute shopping. A new bit of wrapping paper, a ribbon and a label and no one will ever know. Just remember to keep note of who gave you the gift – you don’t want to give a gift back to the person who bought it for you.

Start the New Year with some good karma and donate your unwanted presents to charity. In these tough economic times, there are lots of organisations out there who would really appreciate the gesture and offer toy or gift donation services dedicated to finding homes for your presents. Alternatively, simply drop them off at your local charity shop and help out that way instead.

Alternative uses
You may have a gift that is lovely but you just can’t think of a practical use for it. From decorative glasses to ornamental vases, you don’t want to get rid of them but you need a little help to realise their full potential. The answer is to get some inspiration and see if you can find an alternative use for your gift. A vase that is too big for flowers may have a better use as a decorative umbrella holder or perhaps you can turn that set of tumblers into a charming bathroom decoration with a few glass beads and some ivy? With a little imagination, you can make any gift work for you in your home.

Trade in/Exchange
Christmas can be a drain on your finances and a simple solution is to trade in your gifts. There are a number of shops online, such as eBay and MusicMagpie, and on the high street that offer cash or exchange vouchers for your goods. This can really make a difference to your cash flow in 2013 and helps you off load clutter that is taking up space at home.

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