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Being the flower experts, we enjoy writing about all the things going on in the world of flowers! We can keep you up-to-date on all the news - you’ll get to hear about what our florists are up to, hints and tips, new products we’ve designed and discovered, what’s going on in the industry and more!

Ladybird spots spring season surprise

by Julia Bradley on January 21, 2014

It may still be mid-January but sightings of ladybirds and butterflies have prompted wildlife experts to confirm the first signs of spring.

The nature’s calendar project, run by the Woodland Trust to monitor the changing seasons, has seen reports of flowering snowdrops and elders bursting into leaf surge during the mild weather.

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Pesticides ‘making bees shrink’

by Bethany Day on January 20, 2014

A widely used pesticide could be the reason why bumblebees across the country are apparently shrinking.

Research from scientists in the UK reveals that a pyrethroid pesticide, which is commonly used on plants and flowering crops, stunts the growth of worker bumblebee larvae, causing them to hatch out reduced in size.

It is feared that smaller bees will be less effective at foraging for nectar and carrying out their vital task of distributing pollen.

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‘Possible to grow crops’ on Mars

by Julia Bradley on January 19, 2014

It is possible to grow various plants including crops on the surface of Mars, researchers have said.

Experts carried out an experiment lasting 50 days with 14 plants species using artificial Martian and lunar soil, provided by US space agency Nasa.

Ecologist Wieger Wamelink, of the Dutch research institute Alterra of Wageningen University, said the findings are a “big surprise”.

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Firm creates glowing ‘Avatar’ plants

by Bethany Day on January 18, 2014

Art often imitates life but in some cases life ends up imitating art.

And the latest case has seen a US biotechnology firm manipulating life to develop ornamental ‘glowing plants’ based on the ones that light up at night on an alien planet in the hit 2009 movie Avatar.

Bioglow says its Starlight Avatar is the first plant that can light up on its own without the need for ultraviolet lighting, chemicals or other external stimuli.

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Four million trees to be planted in the UK

by Julia Bradley on January 17, 2014

New woodland is expected to sprout up across England over the next 12 months as ministers pledge to plant four million trees.

The £6 million investment for 2014/15 comes as the Government confirmed it will continue financing the creation of green areas.

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Green areas ‘boost mental well-being’

by Julia Bradley on January 16, 2014

Moving to greener areas can lead to big improvements in a person’s mental health, according to university researchers in a pioneering new study.

The research showed that such a move can instantly improve mental well-being, with the effects lasting for at least three years.

However, those participants who upped sticks to a more built-up environment suffered a decline in mental health.

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Sun-facing lens ‘mimics flowers’

by Julia Bradley on January 15, 2014

Flowers turning to face the sun is a true wonder of nature – and now scientists have developed a lens that mimics the phenomenon.

The flower-like lens self-assembles from liquid crystals made up of tiny, rod-like molecules able to guide the passage of light.

They are sometimes able to act as lenses due to the fact that controlling the direction in which the rods point changes the way they steer light.

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Call for Garden City at Heathrow

by Bethany Day on January 14, 2014

A garden city for 200,000 people could be created on the site of Heathrow if the airport was replaced by a new hub, the Mayor of London claims.

Building a new airport in the Thames Estuary to the east of London would boost growth on former industrial sites in the capital, Boris Johnson said.

He hit out at proposals put forward by Nick Clegg for new garden cities on the “lush fields of the South East”, saying the Deputy PM wants to build houses “in the wrong place”.

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Race on to save rare Cornish plant

by Julia Bradley on January 13, 2014

Conservationists are racing against the clock to save a rare Cornish plant that is failing to thrive in the wild.

There are just 13 Lizard junipers remaining at a site in the Gew Graze Valley on the Lizard Peninsula after it suffered very low rates of regeneration, with detailed surveys in 2010 showing a complete lack of natural regeneration.

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Thieves target ‘extinct’ Kew Waterlily

by Bethany Day on January 13, 2014

A rare African waterlily, which is extinct in the wild, has been dug up and stolen from London’s Kew Gardens.

Detectives have launched an appeal for information in a bid to help them retrieve the Nymphaea thermarum.

It was stolen from a pond in the Princess of Wales Conservatory after thieves struck between 8.30am and 2.55pm on January 9.

The plant – the leaves of which can be as small as 0.4 inches in diameter, making it the world’s smallest waterlily – was first discovered near a hot spring in Rwanda in 1987.

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