Our Christmas survey reveals most festive UK regions

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 21, 2011

tradition-of-christmasYou may have taken part in the Interflora seasonal survey a few weeks ago. Well, we have the results*! We found that Scottish families will be the most generous this Christmas.

That’s a big surprise for those who believe the Scots are traditionally reluctant to dig deep at Christmas time.

In fact, those in Scotland are the most generous of all, with 48% of respondents planning to splash out £500 or more on Christmas presents – the most being spent in the UK.

And it’s also the region of Britain where most Christmas presents are bought – even for colleagues at work.

Our survey also reveals that if you’re looking for something nice this Christmas, it might be an idea to move to the West Midlands.

Here, 94% plan to buy Christmas presents for close family members, 50% will give something to friends and 15% will get festive gifts for colleagues. All of those figures are the highest in the poll.

In these harsh economic times, families in East Anglia are cutting back most, with 60% of respondents saying they will be spending less this Christmas and none planning to spend more.

And that’s despite those in eastern England believing most in traditional Christmas values – 56% say it has become too commercialised and 42% (the highest in the UK) believe Christmas has lost its religious significance.

While East Anglia is often associated with turkeys, 30% of families in the region (the highest number in the country) are spurning turkey this year.

For the most traditional Christmas lunch, try getting an invitation to spend the holidays in Yorkshire – 89% (the highest figure in the UK) plan to have turkey on the menu on the big day.

The survey headlines

Scotland most generous towards friends, 66% plan to buy presents for friends (highest in UK)

Scotland most family orientated – 90% agree Christmas is a time for family and friends (highest in UK)

Scotland most generous in spending – 48% plan to spend £500-plus on presents (highest in UK)

– 8.7% of those in East Midlands do not celebrate Christmas (highest in UK)

– Those in the West Midlands give most presents – 94% for close family, 40% for extended family, 50% for friends and 15% for colleagues (highest overall in UK)

30% in Yorkshire will spend over £500+ and 29% plan to spend more in 2011 on presents than they did in 2010, yet 42% agree Christmas is too expensive

60% of East Anglians plan to spend less; none plan to spend more (most thrifty in UK)

East Anglia is the UK’s most traditional area -– 56% think Christmas has become too
commercial and 42% think Christmas has lost its religious significance (highest overall in UK)

89% of those in Yorkshire plan to eat turkey (highest in UK)

*Results taken from 441 respondents

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