New Floral Jewels™ Birthday Bouquets

by Bethany Day on July 11, 2013

There are few things in life more wonderful than receiving a stunning bouquet on your birthday, but imagine a gift of flowers that also arrives with a beautifully presented piece of jewellery.

Our stunning Floral Jewels birthday bouquets are not only designed especially with your loved one’s birthstone in mind but come complete with a gorgeous piece of jewellery to make them feel even more special.

The finely crafted silver pendant includes their birthday gemstone and will serve as a lasting reminder of your kindness.

Taking inspiration from the colour palette of each gemstone all our Floral Jewel bouquets are expertly handcrafted using only the freshest flowers and foilage and are accompanied by a Floral Jewels card which describes the attributes of your loved one’s birthstone.

Floral Jewels™ January Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

The rich burgundy and red tones of the garnet are captured perfectly in this delightful birthstone bouquet. We’ve chosen exquisite dark pink cymbidium orchids and luscious red roses, creating a bouquet with a very special feel – and the perfect complement to the stunning garnet pendant gift.

Floral Jewels™ February Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

These stunning Grand Prix roses really catch the eye.  We’ve added red spray roses and sprinkled each flower with pretty purple glitter, adding to the celebratory feel and reflecting the tones of the beautiful sparkling amethyst necklace.

Floral Jewels™ March Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

The shimmering colours of the aquamarine birthstone range from palest blue to deeper, darker royal blue, so for this bouquet we’ve chosen blue iris and added more delicate, lighter coloured agapanthus. This striking bouquet, together with the pretty aquamarine necklace, makes a thoughtful gift for someone celebrating a March birthday.

Floral Jewels™ April Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

This exquisite hand-tied bouquet has an elegant simplicity all of its own. We’ve chosen luxurious white Avalanche roses and exotic white cymbidium orchids. This is a stylish choice that partners perfectly with the sparkling clear quartz birthstone necklace.

Floral Jewels™ May Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

This carefully arranged bouquet is sure to be a talking point. Inspired by the dazzling hues of the emerald pendant, we’ve designed a modern bouquet of orchids and lisianthus in shades of fresh green. The puff-ball shaped dianthus add fun and interest to this fabulous gift.

Floral Jewels™ June Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

These classic pearly white Vendela roses and magnificent Avalanche roses have been carefully hand-tied to create a beautiful rose bouquet that will make their birthday feel special. The accompanying pearl moonstone pendant is a charming keepsake they are sure to treasure.

Floral Jewels™ July Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

It’s hard to beat traditional red roses for their style and beauty and these Naomi roses in ruby red are a wonderful example. They’ll be delighted to receive such a stunning gift of flowers – and when they discover the beautiful ruby birthstone pendant it’s sure to prompt even more smiles.

Floral Jewels™ August Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

The warm green tones of this peridot crystal birthstone pendant are matched perfectly by the fresh colours of these striking green Anastasia chrysanthemums. We added pristine white cymbidium orchids for style and contrast. This bouquet and jewellery duo is an extra-special birthday gift they are sure to love.


Floral Jewels™ September Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

This pretty white rose bouquet with its dusting of shimmering blue glitter is a special way to send your best wishes on their birthday. This selection of fresh white roses and spray roses is expertly hand-tied and beautifully presented with a delightful sapphire birthstone pendant for them to treasure.

Floral Jewels™ October Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

The opal birthstone is known for its kaleidoscope of soft colours which seem to change as they catch the light. You can often see blues and pinks and contrasts of light and dark – all of which we’ve captured in this magical bouquet. Together with their birthstone pendant, this is a lovely gift choice.

Floral Jewels™ November Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

Brighten their birthday than with this thoughtful gift of jewellery and flowers. The citrine pendant really catches the light and sparkles with bright yellow and gold. And the accompanying bouquet in the same glorious shades has natural radiance that is hard to beat.

Floral Jewels™ December Birthstone Bouquet, £49.99 with free delivery

We love the deep blue of the stunning tanzanite gemstone as it seems to match perfectly the colours of these blue agapanthus flowers. With the pretty birthstone pendant to wear and this enticing bouquet of fresh flowers to display, this is one birthday gift that is sure to delight them.



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Diane Wareing 11 Jul 2013 at 4:14 pm

They are absolutely stunning. 🙂

michael 15 Jul 2013 at 12:43 pm

great idea

Floral Bow 17 Jul 2013 at 6:43 am

Love these ideas. Flowers are the most opportune gift for expressing any kind of emotion on any kind of occasion. Thanks for sharing….!!!!

simone lee 01 Aug 2013 at 4:19 pm

great idea good luck to all

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