Miracle Garden features 45 million flowers

by Julia Bradley on December 1, 2013

Millions of visitors are expected to start walking through the doors of Dubai’s newly-reopened Miracle Garden, which boasts a mind-boggling 45 million flowers.

As part of the new season for the stunningly colourful flower garden, a floral clock, butterfly park, aromatic garden and even an edible garden will all be on display.

Garden developer Akar Landscaping Services & Agriculture said in a statement to Emirates 24/7: “Nearly 700,000 people visited our garden during the first season (February 14 to May 18, 2013). In this new season, we are expecting the numbers to cross a million.”

Further displays include huge structures of sunflowers, flower hearts, stars and seven pyramids, one of which will include a UAE flag designed with flowers.

Sure to leave tourists in awe, hanging baskets will line flower-arched pathways and tunnels – and for a touch of the high-end, a Ferrari car has been decorated by flowers.

Flower apple structures, artificial animals and flower boats are also encompassed inside the attraction.

Three colourful peacocks – two with opened tails – will also take pride of place alongside other stunning flowers made with 3D art design.

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