Lest we forget: Poppy fields in decline

by Julia Bradley on December 3, 2013

The red poppy, famously a symbol of remembrance for soldiers lost in wars, could soon be lost altogether itself.

According to a new report it has become one of England’s fastest disappearing plant species, vanishing almost entirely from the nation’s fields.

The study attributes the poppy’s decline due to powerful new herbicides and present-day farming methods.

The red poppy is today exclusively found on rough ground, hedgerows and in gardens.

Plantlife, which campaigns to safeguard wild plants, discovered that the poppy is one of over 500 wild flowers that are now deemed endangered or rare in England.

Report author Nicola Hutchinson said: “Despite its iconic status, our symbol of remembrance could face its own battle if action isn’t taken.”

She said over a third (580) of the 1,556 flowers in the British flora are considered threatened or rare in England.

Ms Hutchinson added: “As they disappear, so is the colour from our countryside.”

An average of one species of flower is lost every year from each county, according to the England Farmland Report.

Plantlife is urging for the European Union’s – Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to include more protections for wild flowers.

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