Getting ready for Valentine’s Day

by Charlotte.Barnes on January 15, 2010

Single Kiss - £19.99
With Valentine’s Day only a month away it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to let your romantic side shine.

But first here’s a little history

St Valentine’s Day actually goes back to the ancient festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration held annually on the 15th of February. This pagan festival was then re-cast as a Christian feast day to be held on the 14th February and called St Valentine’s Day.

It seems there were at least three St Valentines recognised by Christians, it is thought that the one most likely to have had the day named after him was a priest who earned the disfavour of the Roman Emperor, Claudius II.
Claudius Roman Emporor
Legend says the Emperor believed that single men made better soldiers than married ones. He prohibited marriage for all young men but Valentine continued to perform marriages in secret.

Eventually he was caught and, while in prison, he fell in love with the daughter of his jailor. Before he was executed he is said to have sent a letter to his love one signed ‘from your Valentine.’

It wasn’t until 1381 that St Valentine’s Day was linked with romance.

ChaucerChaucer wrote a poem in honour of the engagement between Richard II and Anne of Bohemia. In ‘The Parliament of Fowls’ the royal engagement, the mating season of birds and St Valentine’s Day are all linked.

“For this was on St Valentine’s Day,
When every fowl cometh there to choose his mate.”

Old Valentines Card

The earliest Valentine’s Day cards were recorded in the 1400s and began to be mass-produced in the 19th century. Now, around one billion cards are sent across the world each year.

The tradition of giving flowers at Valentine’s started in Victorian times, when they were used to convey emotions. Each flower, its colour and how many you gave would say different things to your loved ones. Victorian woman

Nowadays red roses are the most popular expression of love on St Valentine’s Day, although there are hundreds of different combinations of flowers and colours that can be sent to say ‘I love you’. Interflora have created some gorgeous alternatives to roses including the colourful ‘Valentines Gift Bag’.

Valentines Gift bag

Along with cards and flowers, chocolates are another popular gift given during Valentine’s. They’re delicious, of course, but chocolate also causes the brain to produce natural opiates, which can provoke a sense of wellbeing.

Valentines Chocolates - £24.99

This year you can go over the top – buy the biggest bunch of Valentine flowers you can. For the ultimate expression of love try Interflora’s ‘Infatuation’ bouquet of 100 red roses, but don’t forget to also wine and dine your significant other and pamper them with plenty of special treats.
Infatuation - £499.99

Alternatively you can simply send something small with an unsigned message. A ‘Single Kiss’ diamante tipped rose from Interflora is the perfect way to simply let someone know you love them.

Single Kiss - £19.99

Whatever you are looking for and whatever your budget, Interflora have the perfect range of Valentine’s flowers and gifts available! What’s more we will be delivering on Valentine’s Day itself, despite it falling on a Sunday this year!

Tune in next week for even more Valentine’s posts, competitions and more!

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