Get the best from your miniature roses this Spring

by Su Whale on April 18, 2011

Always a popular indoor flowering plant, miniature roses are an integral part of Interflora’s range of floral gifts. Hopefully many of you will have them adorning your window sills this spring and summer.

With that in mind, I thought that a few tips on how to look after your mini roses might come in handy. Although they are a very pretty plant, they have little or no scent, but they make up for that by being practically maintenance free.

Your rose plant will love a sunny spot, so choose your sunniest window sill to display your plant. Keep the soil moist but not soaking wet and mist the leaves gently with tap water once a week. If your plant is in a container without any drainage holes the soil will take longer to dry out, so make sure that you don’t over water.

Your rose will continue to grow and eventually will need to go outside. You have a choice here, either to move it into a patio container or to plant it straight into the garden.

If you decide to make your rose a feature in a container then make sure it takes centre stage with smaller bedding plants arranged around it. Keep the container well watered over the summer months, particularly if it is windy as this can dry out pots very quickly.

If planting straight into the ground dig a hole larger than the rose itself, remove it from its container, place in the hole, refill and water well. You should keep watering thoroughly for the first three weeks to give the plant a chance to establish itself.

These roses can become ‘leggy’ if left to their own devices. Fortunately pruning them is not difficult, simply snip off any untidy shoots to keep the rose bush in shape and remove faded flower heads as they die.

And you don’t have to worry too much about winter frosts, despite their delicate appearance they are extremely hardy, just protect them from the harshest icy winds and they should survive unscathed.

This tiny rose has a fascinating history. The first miniature rose was ‘discovered’ in Switzerland in 1918 where it was claimed that the same rose had been grown by the same family for over 100 years! It is believed however that this magical rose (known as the Swiss Fairy rose) was actually the last survivor of miniature roses that had been grown in Britain and France in the early Nineteenth Century. They in turn are thought to have originated from the island of Mauritius where these tiny roses were first found in 1810.

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