Extreme flower deliveries

by Charlotte.Barnes on March 17, 2010

Interflora VanInterflora is always delivering flowers to and from some very interesting places.

We’ve been in touch with our florists and customers to ask them about some of the funniest and most extreme flower deliveries they’ve been involved with.

Here are two for this month…

Love across the ocean

This story is about the lengths some people will go to for the one they love and how Interflora is always on hand to help. Tracey Gyllenship wrote to us to say how impressed she was that Interflora could deliver from anywhere.

Rowing at sunset“My husband, Neil, is currently rowing across the Atlantic to raise money for two brilliant children’s charities – Claire House, a hospice for children with life-threatening conditions, and Child Flight, a Manchester airport charity that provides holidays for sick children.

“He is rowing with Dean Jagger, a colleague he works with at Manchester Airport. They are rowing from Lagamera to Antigua, a distance covering more than 3,000 miles to raise money for the two charities.

The crossing up until now has been one of the most challenging in rowing history due to weather conditions and strong winds blowing them back towards Africa.

“He knew I’d been feeling rather down due to his absence and I’d had a lot going on so he decided to get David Austin RosesInterflora to deliver me some flowers. When the Interflora van pulled up outside I presumed the flowers were for my neighbour who had just been awarded an MBE.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when the driver came to my door. I burst into tears – only my husband could be this romantic and thoughtful to send me flowers when floating in the middle of the ocean.

“Turns out he’d ordered the flowers using his very costly satellite phone and the flowers had turned up just a few days later! Even when rowing across an ocean without another boat in sight my husband can still take the time out to get me flowers.”

For more information on what Neil is doing to raise money go to his website: www.team-heatwave.co.uk

Hello, anyone there?

Recently one of our florists got in touch with us to tell this story about a very unusual delivery their driver had to make.

Vibrant Hand-tied BouquetWe received an order for a bouquet of flowers with a tight delivery slot. The recipient would only be at the address for one hour. We made up the bouquet and presented it to the driver to go out for delivery.

When he arrived at the address he knocked and waited for someone to answer. When no one came to the door he looked over the property and saw signs that someone was in.

He knocked once more and called out ‘hello, anyone there?’ This time he thought he heard a ‘hello’ back, so he waited but no one answered the door.

Next he decided to tap on the window and call out ‘hello?’ This time there was definitely a muffled ‘hello’ from inside but still no one answered the door. By now he was beginning to get concerned that whoever was inside may have hurt themselves and couldn’t get to the door.

ParrotThe driver decided that he would try a neighbour. He went next door and told the owner that he was worried about the recipient not answering the door despite hearing someone reply ‘hello’.

The neighbour went back to the house with the driver. Once again the driver knocked on the door and called out. They both heard a muffled reply.

The neighbour then started laughing and explained to the driver that he had just wasted 10 minutes calling out to a parrot!

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