Children’s Party Themes: Our Top Five

by Charlotte.Barnes on February 22, 2012

Girls dancing dressed as princessesChildren’s parties can trigger one of two emotions; pure excitement or pure terror. Whether you love them or fear them, children’s parties are a staple of every parent’s life and you’re bound to find yourself organising one at least once in your life.

However, take the stress and frustration out of organising your child’s next party, whether it’s a birthday, special achievement or simply a get-together, with our handy tips guide. We’ve gathered together the most popular themes and found some of the best advice available to help your party run as smoothly as possible.

Fantasy theme

Pink princess party{Bird’s Party – Photo by Julie Renee}

This can be anything you like; that’s the great thing about fantasy! Whether you’re little one is into elves and dragons, wizards, superheroes or princesses, there is a theme ready and waiting for you. Decorate your party room with pictures of your theme and add quirky touches to your food and drink.  Blackcurrant squash becomes ‘Dragon’s Brew’, strawberry ice-cream becomes ‘Fairy Princess Pudding’ and so on. Add a centre piece to your table that fits your theme, for example, a vase of pretty roses for a truly royal princess party.

Animal theme

Every child has a favourite animal and these parties let their inner beast run wild! If you are a dab hand at art you can do face-painting for each guest, or hire someone else to come along. Animal theme table decorations are easy to come by and games involving animal sounds are always a big hit. It’s an easy theme to turn into a fancy dress party as well, just make sure you give everyone plenty of notice to get their costumes in order.

Arts and Crafts

craft bags


If you don’t mind a lot of mess or have a spare room to set this up, craft parties are a great way of keeping children entertained. You can have a painting session, make your own paper flowers, have a fuzzy felt party or even try and make your own hand puppets. Depending on your child’s age, there’s really no limit to what you can choose. Just remember to get plenty of plastic aprons and let parents know what their child will be doing so they don’t wear their best clothes.

Dance party

An excellent choice for lively children, dance parties can be tailored to fit all ages, music preferences and energy levels. For the little ones, you can pick up CD’s of their favourite TV themes and movies tunes and let them sing and dance along as much as they like. For the older children, there are great compilations CD’s of all the latest pop hits that will only include child-friendly versions. You can also pick up games for consoles that allow your guests to play as a rock band.  In between all the dancing, make sure you have toys, DVDs and refreshments handy so those who wish to take a break can do so without feeling left out.


Little girl with giant sunflower

This is the perfect party theme for summer parties when the weather is good. Children get to spend plenty of time out in the fresh air and wear themselves out at the same time! Set up a scavenger hunt featuring plants, flowers and trees from your garden and the first team to spot them all wins a prize. Younger children can be given pictures instead of names to make it a bit easier. Outdoor games are also great for keeping your house free to set up food and drink and any mess that is made can be kept outside. Just remember to leave plenty of bins around so you don’t end up with wrappers and plastic cups in your rose bushes!

Rules for an easy life:

  • Keep any gaps in activities short – children have brief attention spans and will get restless if left waiting
  • Try to balance sweet treats with proper foods such as sandwiches and hot snacks. Too much sugar leads to chaos for you and the children
  • Keep safety in mind at all times. Your child may want to invite their whole school but if it’s just you hosting the party, keep in mind how many children you can supervise at once
  • Following on from the last tip, invite other parents to help you run your party so you’re not spread too thin
  • Remember to keep it simple! Intricate decorations and embroidered napkins are a nice touch for an adult dinner party but children won’t care as long as there’s food, drink and lots to do!

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