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by Charlotte.Barnes on March 16, 2010

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St. Patrick’s Day is on March the 17th and it’s a time to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.

We’ve recently launched our Interflora Ireland website and will be celebrating online. And to mark the day, why not send someone close our special St Patrick’s Day Scents of Spring bouquet with chocolates.

But who was St Patrick and why do we mark the day?

He was born Maewyn Succat in Wales during the 4th century. When he was a teenager he was captured by Irish raiders, who sent him to work as a slave in County Mayo in Ireland. During this time he is said to have turned to God and had a dream that told him to escape.

The very next day he did just that and made his way back to Britain, more than 200 miles away. When he got home he had another dream telling him to take Christianity to Ireland.

Once again he did as his dream told him to and spent the next 15 years training to become a priest. He chose Patrick as his Christian name.

iStock_000002771403XSmallHe then set out for Ireland to convert the country from Paganism to Christianity. He would use the shamrock to explain the father, son and Holy Ghost. This is where the tradition of the shamrock on St Patrick’s Day comes from.

After nearly a decade of spreading God’s word to the Irish, he died on March 17 461 AD. The Irish decided to remember him with a day of his own and St Patrick’s Day was born.

In the 1990s the Irish government decided to use St Patrick’s Day to showcase Irish culture and heritage. iStock_000009070998XSmallBefore then it was simply a feast day to celebrate the man himself. Various Irish cities and towns now hold St Patrick’s Day festivals.

Even outside Ireland the day is celebrated; in the UK, America and various other countries there are parades and parties.

Although blue used to be the colour associated with St Patrick, it slowly changed to green to match the shade of the shamrocks he used to explain the holy trinity. Now, we dress in green and wear shamrocks to pay homage.

Since 1962 Chicago has been dyeing its river green, as have various cities across America. The fountain in Trafalgar Square in London has also been dyed green for the occasion.


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