Last Minute Christmas Gifts

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 19, 2012

Christmas GiftsChristmas shopping can present a bit of a dilemma – do you shop online or head to the high street and pick up your gift in person. With so much to do  nipping into town isn’t always possible and shopping for everything on the internet can be daunting if you’re not used to it.

Shopping online can be especially stressful when it comes to last minute deliveries, which is why we’ve put together a selection of the top gifts you can still have delivered in time for Christmas.



Top 10 delivered Christmas gifts

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 7, 2012

As Christmas gets closer and closer, many of us will feel that familiar sense of panic as we realise just how much shopping we have left to do! Thankfully, online shopping is now more safe and reliable than ever and so we’ve put together a list of the top 10 delivered Christmas gifts available now to help you sort out your shopping list before the big day. Read more >>


Top 10 Secret Santa Gifts

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 4, 2012

Secret Santa is an age-old tradition that can be found in most offices across the UK around the Christmas period. It is also a favourite of flatmates, friends, students and family reunions as it ensures everyone gets a gift – with the added excitement of it being a complete surprise.

There are a few rules to finding the perfect Secret Santa gift though; first – it is best to set a budget so you don’t end up feeling short changed if you splashed the cash and your colleague did not. Second, the funnier or more unusual it is, the better – no one wants a sensible Secret Santa gift! In order to help you find the best surprise gift to give to someone that won’t burst the budget, we have found the top 10 Secret Santa gifts available online now. Read more >>


Top 10 Novel Christmas Gifts

by Charlotte.Barnes on November 23, 2012

Christmas CrackerChristmas shopping is one of those yearly tasks that takes up a lot of our energy and attention, particularly when it comes to finding unique and novel gifts for our loved ones. After all, who wants to receive the same pair of festive socks every year?

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 novel Christmas gifts to help you find presents that will really make a lasting impression on your friends and family. Read more >>


Advent Calendars

by Charlotte.Barnes on November 21, 2012

Red roses and advent calendar chocolatesThe word ‘advent’ comes from the Latin word adventus which means ‘coming’ and it is used to describe the preparations made in the run up to Christmas. Traditionally, the Advent Calendar is used to countdown to the birth of Christ in Western religions but today it also comes in non-secular varieties. Read more >>


The Best Christmas Hampers

by Charlotte.Barnes on November 15, 2012

Giant CrackerWhether you leave your Christmas shopping until the night before, or plan well in advance, finding the right place to get all your gifts can be  a battle. That’s why we’ve gathered together a selection of our best Christmas hampers, organised by recipient, to help save you time.

From the ideal gift for your best friend,  partner or parents, Interflora has got it covered this Christmas. Read more >>


Ideas to recycle unwanted Christmas gifts

by Charlotte.Barnes on January 17, 2012

recycling giftsEvery year at Christmas, we are inundated with gifts of all shapes and sizes. Most of these were on our Christmas lists and some were unexpected surprises; but there’s always one that ends up left in a cupboard – unwanted and unused.

Don’t let these cool gifts go to waste though. In these tough times everything has it use somewhere and so we’ve put together this guide to help you clear your home of unwanted clutter and maybe make someone’s 2012 a bit better as well. Read more >>


Merry Christmas from all at Interflora – still time to order!

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 23, 2011

It’s almost time to pack up work – if you haven’t already – and start the festive celebrations!

Hopefully you’ll have all your present shopping sorted and will be looking forward to relaxing and indulging over the next few days.

But if you haven’t got all those gifts for family, friends and colleagues then don’t worry – you can still order from the Interflora winter and Christmas floral ranges up until 11am on Christmas Eve for delivery that same day!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!


Our Christmas survey reveals most festive UK regions

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 21, 2011

tradition-of-christmasYou may have taken part in the Interflora seasonal survey a few weeks ago. Well, we have the results*! Read more >>


Christmas traditions around the world

by Charlotte.Barnes on December 21, 2011

tradition-of-christmasThis time of year is surrounded by tradition and, even here in the UK, the way in which we spend Christmas can vary drastically from family to family. Other countries also interpret the holiday and the religious significance very differently to us. Some even have different versions of Father Christmas delivering their Christmas present. Read more >>